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One importunate fact to bring up is Eve Lawrence she has made a porno of her own, I Survived A Rodney Blast 3, which is risky and intriguing since being an actor and director are two different jobs entirely but Eve did it with grace within a year of her joining the industry!

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It was even able to get nominated at the same time! It was not until Hot Blooded that she went by her real name. After that, her using any name outside of her own became Eve Lawrence rarity, but notice that not once did she ever go by the name, Eve Lawrence, which we will go into detail later.

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Her last movie was the only one that she released in called Panty Pops 7. Busted In the Industry Eve Laurence has done a lot over the years so to trying to say she fills a certain niche is difficult.

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If there is any pornstar who was the Queen of these niches, in her time, then that crown proudly belong to Eve. Laurence Eve Lawrence Lawrence Now back to our interesting fact discussed earlier. This actress name is Eve Laurence, and any instance of Eve Lawrence is incorrect.

It was a mistake that took a big hit on her career with companies using the name Eve Lawrence as a misspelling that many people assume were another alternate name Eve has created. This name has only Eve Lawrence on videos that were stealing her image.

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Eve took the companies to court with the famous, Eve Laurence Legal Fund, which was a donation fund that went towards her legal defense. This lead to many sites being closed down, but the fact that it is one of her alternate names now will never change.

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An interesting fact is that after she had left the world of porn on April 23,she had her implants removed.