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As ofshe is around 29 years old.

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She was raised by her mother and stepfather in Orange County and went to stay with her father on holidays, who relocated to San Francisco after splitting with her mother. She immediately pressed charges and pursued a conviction. Still, after six months of what she calls victim-blaming and being subjected to bullying by her school community, she begged her parents to drop the charges so that she could just move on Eva Gutowski her life.

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Recent Eva Gutowski : Eva is a student of California State University, Fullerton, and graduated in with a major in broadcasting. In September ofshe came out as bisexual to her fans, stating that she made this decision to share this with her fans as she as actively pursuing a relationship with a female.

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Inshe said Eva Gutowski the relationship was not meant to be, but she is definitely still attracted to girls. It also includes a controversial diet that she claims to resort to every now and then, which involves only eating ramen noodles sporadically and throwing in the occasional lucky maple pop tart. She amassed a large portion of her YouTube following in her first year alone, due Eva Gutowski her being an overnight favorite with YouTube Fans.

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The series also stars comedy great Rhea Perlman.