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The Gabor Sisters: Everything to Know About the Hollywood Trio’s Money, and Madness

McDreamy Dad! Dripping in diamonds, furs and satin, the three glamorous women made a spectacular entrance. Getty Images When they were growing up in Budapest, their social-climbing mother, Jolie Gabor, had big plans for her girls.

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Zsa Zsa, who like her sisters had been tutored in poise and grace, entered the Miss Hungary beauty pageant at Eva Gabor She lost the competition, but throughout her life, Zsa Zsa would always claim that she had won! Although the Gabors had converted from Judaism to Catholicism ineldest sister Magda and their parents were arrested.

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Eva Gabor pulled strings and got them released. Despite a year age gap, they began a four-year affair that may have been the greatest love of her life. Eva was there when he died of a heart attack. Despite their troubles, the Gabors endured.

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