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At the age of 22, she decided to further her career by entering the nationals, the 2006 NABBA Parana Championships in Brazil. Within just a few more years, Eva had made serious progress towards her ambition. She worked hard to achieve her dream physique, and was motivated by her fast development. Similarly, within a year of advanced bodybuilding workouts, she had seen a huge change in her entire physique. She made her bodybuilding debut in 2005 when she participated in the NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup, where she stepped in with a powerful performance and won the competition. Andressa’s athletic husband helped her a lot during her struggle days.

She attempted to get in shape at the age of 17 without the assistance of a trainer or any prior knowledge of fitness. But she never lost sight of her ambition to attain her ideal body. She met her future husband, Jardel Barros, after spending some time away from the gym. He became an athlete by chance and provided her with the motivation and preparation she needed to transform her body. One thing we can take away from Eva’s career, is that always pushing to improve yourself is the key to success in life. She hit the floor running by winning her first competitions, but she always looked for a way to further her career.

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She thanked him for motivating her and assisting her in getting in shape. She is, however, actually dating a man called Felipe Franco. Eva Andressa is happily married to her husband Jardel Barros. She first met with Barros in a gym and Barros was her fitness trainer.

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Eva Andressa was dissatisfied with her appearance during her teenage years. She was self-conscious about her thin body, which made her seem much younger, and she began working out to help thicken up her appearance. Moreover, she had even made her first appearance in the popular Brazilian night talk show known as Programa do Jô in the year 2022. And in the year 2022, she had become an official television anchor, broadcasting her own personal program Dica Fitness.

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Although Eva didn’t win her last competition in 2009, she believed that she had achieved her ambition. She had attained her dream physique and become the champion of several shows. After only a year of training, she realized that she had the right genetics to compete as an athlete. She has a lot of money as a trainer, which she could use to meet her needs. Her current net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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  • In 2022, Andressa posed completely nude for the magazine Sexy.
  • It wasn’t long until she was noticed by the media, and in 2022, she was invited to appear on a celebrity TV show in Brasil – Programa do Jo.
  • Despite the fact that the date and location have been listed.
  • Then after the model stated participating in even bigger events.
  • She attempted to get in shape at the age of 17 without the assistance of a trainer or any prior knowledge of fitness.