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Early life Where was Eugenia Cooney born? Eugenia Cooney is a popular YouTuber with popularity all over She went to Massachutteus for her elementary school.

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She always wanted to pursue an acting career, so she decided to move to New York Eugenia Cooney to take acting classes. She used to live with her mother before moving to her own apartment to continue her YouTube career. Career What is Eugenia Cooney famous for? Eugenia Eugenia Cooney started her self-titled YouTube channel in June She started her videos by doing cosplays of popular celebrities and anime characters and later grew her channel related to makeup and beauty makeovers. Her popular videos also include her vlogging videos about her life and her family with her fans.

Eugenia Cooney Biography, Wiki, Height, Age, Boyfriend More

Fans were really attracted to details she shared about her Emo lifestyle. Due to her health deficiencies, she was inspired by another YouTuber Micheal Buckley and wanted to inspire others that nothing is impossible.

He was released in She left YouTube in due to her health condition.

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Eugenia returned and covered the same video, and she admitted she had an eating disorder. Currently, Eugenia is at over 2 million subscribers, and she is still inspiring other people with limited abilities to achieve what they want.

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Controversy Eugenia has been subject to criticism and controversy due to her illness. Many people accuse her of starving herself to gain popularity and views. Many people have petitioned YouTube to ban her channel.

Eugenia Cooney Biography, Wiki, Height, Boyfriend More

Some fans are genuinely concerned with her health, and it did not help when earlier she did not help herself by saying she was normally thin. Later she admitted she Eugenia Cooney an eating disorder and that outraged Eugenia Cooney fans and audiences. But still, removing her means of income and means of creativity is harsh, in our opinion. After returning from a break, she looks well and making videos again. She recently posted a video about giving herself a cheap makeover, and it is already doing better.

Eugenia Cooney, star of Dangerously Thin, encourages eating disorders on June 29,while social media users sign a petition to have her banned. Eugenia Cooney Information What is the height of Eugenia Cooney? Eugenia stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 39 kg. Her hair colour is Black, and she has green colour eyes. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Eugenia has Eugenia Cooney eating disorder, and she looks skinny.

Many people are concerned with her health and want her to take care of herself.

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Relationship Who is Eugenia Cooney dating now? As ofEugenia is still currently single and making YouTube videos. There is no Eugenia Cooney on her past relationship and her love life. As of family, she was raised by her parents along with her younger brother chip in Connecticut.

Her parents have appeared on her videos, but not much information has been known about them.

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Eugenia Cooney is a popular YouTuber and Vlogger. A request for comment from Cooney was not returned.