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Esther Williams 1932 – 2021

She was Williams died peacefully in her sleep Thursday in Beverly Hills, family spokesman Harlan Boll announced. I ad-libbed all my own underwater movements. Million Dollar Mermaid is renowned for its spectacular sequences that include fountains, flames and a spewing volcano. She learned to water-ski for that film.

Her name is synonymous with swimming. Like Norwegian ice skater Sonja Henie before her, Williams was one of the few female athletes to cross over to widespread entertainment success. Williams was born Aug. She grew up swimming in playground pools Esther Williams surfing at local beaches and got her first job at 8 counting towels at an Inglewood pool that Esther Williams mother campaigned to have built for the neighborhood.

She earned an hour of swimming for each towels counted.

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By age Esther Williams, she represented the L. Athletic Club while earning three national championships in the breaststroke and freestyle. Olympic team that was headed to Helsinki, Finland, for the Games. However, because of the Esther Williams war in Europe, the Olympics were canceled, and Williams went pro, modeling at I. Magnin in downtown Los Angeles. With her stunning good looks and tall, muscular frame, she was a standout.

Following an audition at L. MGM executives who saw her in the Aquacade were impressed.

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After a year of being hounded by the studio and William Morris agent Johnny Hyde, Williams finally agreed to a screen test that paired her with Clark Gable. Mayer and Esther Williams whole third floor of executives and a top agent as well, they just have to have you. For Bathing Beauty, she stole the Esther Williams in the finale when she starred in an elaborate water ballet amid fountains, blazing fires and scores of scantily clad swimmers. In some of the films, such as Pagan Love Song, water performances were included, seemingly, only to fulfill audience expectation.

Naturally, she swam with elephants.

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She retired from the movies in to marry Lamas, who starred in and directed her in her last film, Magic Fountain Esther Williams Along with international stardom, Williams should be credited for her huge role in the U. Her movie career played a major role in the promotion of competitive and synchronized swimming, which she is credited with popularizing.

To millions of fledgling water ballerinas, she is the personification of the sport, which reached world-class status upon its inclusion into the Los Angeles Olympics. But as Esther Williams result of the popularity of the water ballet, pretty girls began to swim.

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In addition to Bell, survivors include children Benjamin and Susan, three grandchildren, three stepchildren and eight step-grandchildren. Services have yet to be announced.

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