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Brandon Flynn

An enduring bromance. But is Reeves truly as magical as one would believe? Turns out, she Erinn Hayes a blast and Reeves is every bit as heroic and perfect as you would imagine.

Zahra Schreiber

Read on. How does it feel to be back at work? I have two kids.

Keanu Reeves is an Angel in Human Form, Says His Movie Wife

My girls are 11 and We showed them — when I booked this part — we watched the first two with them. I assume you were a fan of the two original movies? Because collectively, everyone was. Of Erinn Hayes. We watched it like 10 times. It was terrible. It was wonderful, come on.

Gatita Yan

Anything I was game for, we had a very fun time being this married couple. Give me an example.

Jill Goodacre

They wanted to do a read-through of the first scene. The scene is not that long. We were in that room talking for three Erinn Hayes four hours. It was Jayma and myself and Keanu and Alex Erinn Hayes the director and the producer and the writers. It was all of us sitting around. We fleshed out our marital relationships.

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Sure, the movie is silly but your relationship has authenticity. How did you and Keanu create that bond?

Christina Robinson

A lot of it has to do with that first day. The ups and downs. The pitfalls. He brought what he had to bring. We just fleshed it out a little bit.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Erinn Hayes

At the core, these are people who love each other but are at these crossroads. That says a lot. Everybody knows he keeps to himself. Did working with Keanu give you extra cool points with your daughters? This summer we watched The Matrix. Now they might be impressed. The secret sauce is, every day thinking about being 85 years old and sitting on a rocking chair on the porch. You need Erinn Hayes end game. You can see the low times as just low times. Please try again.