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Erin Sanders About Erin I am thrilled to be a small part of your vacation. Vacations are a priority in my family. This also gives me a unique perspective on family time!

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I know how important it is to spend time together making memories. I would consider myself quite an expert! I have traveled to Asia, Europe, and many places in the US. Let me help you come up with something fun!

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I can help you plan a spontaneous vacation, a well-planned vacation, or a massive family reunion. I have always made sure my kiddos could enjoy our trips Erin Sanders want yours to be part of all your trips—even internationally!

Venice, Italy is my favorite international trip. I was able to go and walk the streets, getting lost in piazzas and tiny shops run by locals. The food, the people, the views!

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Gelato was a favorite while in Italy as well. Disney food has got to be anything Mickey Shaped—the ice cream bars are my favorite! I get to live vicariously through YOU. I want everyone to know that a vacation is completely possible on any budget.

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With my help, we can plan your dream vacation! I want to keep making memories for my clients and help fill your cameras and passports for years to come.

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