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BY Rhonda Reinhart December 14, The Home Town heroes of Laurel, Mississippi, let us in on why they love their slow-moving small town, what home means to them, and why they fiercely champion American manufacturers every chance they get. These days, though, action-packed years are nothing new to the Napiers — not since HGTV came calling in the summer of Back then, Erin owned a stationery company, and Ben had just left his job as a youth minister to embark on a woodworking business.

The Erin Napier first season — following Erin and Ben as they revitalized seen-better-days houses throughout Laurel — debuted the following year. Since then, the Napiers have been in high gear, opening two stores in Laurel and publishing a memoir along the way. Titled The Lantern House, the illustrated book, unsurprisingly, is a celebration of home. You never know what the fans will like.

This could be over tomorrow, Erin Napier just have fun with it. DoorDash is the friend of busy TV stars, too, it turns out.

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Here are some highlights from our conversation. Erin Napier: Yes. For me, since pretty much I believed I was going to be a Wild West cowboy for much longer than I should have — not like I was going to own a ranch and have horses and cows.

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Ben: Horses. No, I am for sure. I believed Erin Napier was going to be a Wild West cowboy for much longer than I should have — not like I was going to own a ranch and have horses and cows. Ben: It is all of my hobbies and likes matched together into one show.

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I love meeting new people, and I love learning about them and connecting with them, and I love building furniture and designing new pieces and building them and diving into joinery. And I also love Erin Napier. Last season was the first one, and it was four episodes, and we were trying to figure it out. Ben: The shop has been serving basically three purposes.

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One, we Erin Napier and build furniture for everyone on the show. But we also are a film studio because we film it. And Scotsman General Store is connected to our wood shop, and you can watch us building things.

Ben: Yeah. We had outgrown our shop, and rather than just build another small shop, we looked at it and we think that we can really make a go at this. Ben: Galax, Virginia, is an incredible town. So a tenth of the population works for them, and so everyone in that community is connected to that factory, and the town is thriving because of it. Ben: It is very slow here, and we like that. At times, it is hard with our career because it is so Erin Napier.

Erin: Yeah. But other than that, just the thing that makes living in a small town wonderful Erin Napier familiarity and tradition, I think.

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The majority of everyone here loves it and is happy with it. Erin: And there are people who hate change. Erin: It is wild with tourists, yes. But tourists are doing a great thing. Ben: We had a record-breaking month this summer, where it was the highest sales tax the city had ever made in the history of Laurel.

Why is that important for you Erin Napier include? Think about it — you have memories connected to houses based on the people that lived there. In some cases, you have memories of houses because Oh, that was a really beautiful house that I drove by every day. So-and-so lived in this house for a while.

I hate this. We want to always be respectful. People are still talking about our friend Kendall and the quilt. It tore us all Erin Napier in real life, too, when we gave it to her. It just is a byproduct. Tears happen.

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