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But that’s an assumption which gets Bucky knocked on his literal ass by the super-powered leader of the Flag-Smashers, whose underground group wants the world to return Erin Kellyman what life was like during the Blip.

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Following Erin Kellyman premiere of Episode 2, Collider spoke with Kellyman about how the experience of making the show compared to making a film, what she was told about her character going in, and why she didn’t have a hard time understanding where her character was coming from. Collider: To start off, how much did making this feel like a movie to you?

Disney star Erin Kellyman is gay and we are living for the new LGBT sci-fi icon – GLUE Magazine

It didn’t feel like a series, at all. I’ve done a lot of series in the UK, and it didn’t run like that, whatsoever. It ran exactly like a movie. It just felt like we were filming just this Erin Kellyman, really long movie which was great. Was that all exhausting or did you kind of get into the rhythm of Erin Kellyman It was difficult. That was tricky, because then you’d have like a week of night shoots and your body would go nocturnal and then you’d have like a day to recover and then be back on it.

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That part was tricky, but the rest, it just felt like a good time. Didn’t even feel like work.

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It was a lot of fun. How much were you told about your character going in?

Because Marvel is known for being pretty secretive. I was actually Erin Kellyman lucky in that Kari [Skogland] and [executive producer Zoie Nagelhout] had told me quite a bit about my character. Ad I was thinking to myself, "Well, should I know this much?

They spent time with me and told me about my character and her backstory and stuff. What do you think of her personal political beliefs, Erin Kellyman how much do you agree with them?

The thing that she’s referring to when she’s saying that the world was better during the Blip is the fact that when 50 percent of Erin Kellyman world’s population disappeared, the 50 percent that remained had to stick together. And there was a unity there that lacked before.

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It’s nice to have a villain where you can really empathize with them. I feel like there’s a lot of layers to her and I think it’s important to Erin Kellyman able to, for me, personally as an actor, to relate to somebody.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Erin Kellyman on Playing an Empathetic Villain

If I am playing a villain, then I need to at least understand them, so I’m not just lying. Taking on a role like this, there’s always going to be like something unexpected that you Erin Kellyman to learn how to do. For this one, was there anything that you were like, "I never expected I’d have to do I did so much training, but I was still like, I don’t feel like I completely understood how much your body would go Erin Kellyman in order for you to do stunts on TV.

I didn’t really think about that too much before, but yeah, they train you hard and often.

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