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Erin Karpluk Actor Describe yourself in under words: A small town girl, stubborn yet empathetic, follows her dreams, falls on her face, and counts the people in her life to be her greatest achievement. Passionate about animal rights, endorphins, having integrity, and keeping a clean house. What comes to mind?

Erin Karpluk

When I wake up in the morning. All this said, I am simply observing not chastising, and am also following the norm, as we must, in order to work.

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You are a gorgeous, talented woman who has everything going for her. Have you ever struggled with poor self-confidence or insecurities?

If so, what Erin Karpluk they and how do you work through them? Of course. As time goes on we have to continue to be authentic to who we are, and honor that.

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You work in an industry where plastic surgery, Botox etc. Have Erin Karpluk ever had cosmetic surgery or treatments? The best investment I ever made was laser hair removal! I love being able to jump into a bikini year-round without stressing about shaving or waxing.

I also recently had a fraxle laser treatment. Both were good investments but expensive and painful. Have you ever been photoshopped in an image that was published i. If you were offered the cover of Glamour Magazine and you knew they were going to make your boobs bigger and your waist smaller would you be willing to say that you would only do it if you Erin Karpluk untouched in the photo?

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I would never want my body altered for a magazine spread, or any Erin Karpluk outside of animation. I would be upset if I learnt that this Erin Karpluk done without my permission. Take it or leave it. Early in my career I did body motion-capture for a James Bond video. That was kind of awesome though. Imagine if wrinkles were considered desirable and people were applauded for maintaining a healthy BMI instead of a teeny, tiny frame.

How would your life be different?

Honestly it would save so much time and stress. I do like the incentive to stay Erin Karpluk shape, and I enjoy eating healthy, but if there is an event coming up I dread the two hr workouts and carb cutting. Connect with Erin:.

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