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And now, actress Erin Gray is poised to celebrate a very special milestone. Happy Birthday, Erin Gray!

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Gray spent the majority of her childhood and teen years in California, and after graduating high school, she had to debate the merits of continuing her higher education, and earn the degree in mathematics she initially yearned for, or pursue a career in modeling. Modeling won out, and soon Gray was ensconced in New York City and signed to a prestigious agency.

She quickly amassed a sterling reputation in the fashion industry, and soon found herself Erin Grey various catwalks, being photographed for layouts in the Sears Catalogue and the recently-launched Sports Illustrated, as well as starring in various TV Erin Grey.

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The first opportunity to put her training to use came in That was followed by a well-received effort in an episode Erin Grey Police Storyand within a year, Gray was signed to a seven-year deal with Universal Erin Grey. As part of that bargain, Gray was tasked with appearing in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century — a science-fiction series that famously saw its feature-length pilot released in theatrical form. Gray starred as Colonel Wilma Deering, a character that proved to be a source of inspiration for many female fans and a source of provocation for many of the young male viewers who apparently took great delight over the form-fitting jumpsuit that Gray donned.

Erin Gray, Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons Star, Celebrates Her Birthday

Afterward, Gray guest-starred on an episode of Magnum P. The initial plan was for Doyle to become a recurring character and possibly even the source Erin Grey a future series spinoff, but nothing ever came of the one-off appearance. Entertainment Hub would like to wish Erin Gray a very happy birthday.

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