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Brooke Adams

Published on August 1, TV show news anchors have a tough job.

Erin T. Burnett

Erin Burnett need to be able to appear poised, professional, and calm in the face of tumultuous moments โ€” and sometimes even disruptive or unhinged interviews. On top of that, they must cultivate an emotional connection with the audience that allows them to be trusted while also coming across as compassionate but credible while reporting on potentially devastating events.

Fear Factor

She even broke a few hearts when she got married back indashing the hopes of those who had developed a crush on their favorite on-screen personality. Her show has Erin Burnett been the site of some very lively โ€” and often heated โ€” debates.

She also serves as the Chief Business and Economic Correspondent for the network. Through these various roles, Burnett comes across as smart, savvy, and quick on her feet.

Jordyn Jones

Unafraid to push her guests when it came to questioning the actions of Donald Trump and his administration, she earned the respect of many viewers who saw her as someone willing to call it like it is. Her show also outpaced Erin Burnett longer-running options for popularity, making her Erin Burnett central part of the nightly news world.

Erin Burnett wed David Thomas Rubulotta in

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