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What you might not know is that this crew of headline-grabbing young millionaires wouldn’t be possible without Erika Costell. Costell first made a name for herself as Paul’s "girlfriend," but before that, she was handling the nitty gritty stuff behind-the-scenes. Though she seems like an open book to her fans, there’s a whole lesser-known story about how she went from Team 10 den mother to star YouTuber in her own right. This is the untold truth of Erika Costell. She also had a lot of other interests, including football.

That’s right, the model is a total tomboy. According to the YouTube channel Before They Were Famousthe star originally wanted to join her school’s Erika Costell team, but her Erika Costell wouldn’t let her.

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Instead, she became a cheerleaderbut this was no average squad. It Erika Costell something straight out of Bring It On. Costell ended up competing with her cheer squad for years, traveling across the country, and even winning some National Championships. During her later high school years, Costell briefly considered a career wildly different to YouTube.

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She wanted to become a cop, but instead Erika Costell decided to take the leap and become a model. According to The Gazette Review, the star signed with her first modeling agency when she was 16 years old. In a YouTube videoshe opened up about her unusual career trajectory. She claimed she "never once planned on pursuing social media as an actual career," but thankfully, life happens when you’re not planning for it.

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In fact, it’s not clear what would have happened to the star’s career if she never crossed paths with Jake Paul. She also served as an extra in the TV drama Nashville, but found it harder and harder to get opportunities when she moved to Los Angeles and signed with Wilhelmina. My agent was like ‘I can’t send you to this casting, like, your face just looks, like, angry’ and it was. It was so red. It was inflamed, and it was like zits that you couldn’t even really pick at. They were just there.

Before They Were Famous reports that the star was racking up debt in L. This made her responsible for a fair amount of the group’s success, despite not initially having a YouTube channel of her own. Anyone who’s watched Shane Dawson ‘s documentary series on Paul knows that Costell took Erika Costell of a lot in the Team 10 household. This likely includes overseeing that time Jake’s brother Logan lit a bunch Erika Costell stuff on fire in their backyard, and standing by Paul’s side when he was fired from the Disney Channel for doing stuff like letting his brother light a bunch of things on fire in his backyard.

In a interview with HollywoodLife, the YouTube sensation opened up Erika Costell her role in Paul’s tightly knit circle of multi-millionaire YouTubers. Erika Costell star managed to somehow, inexplicably, rack up one million subscribers overnight after Paul gave her channel a shout-out.

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That’s all it takes — one shout out. If it Erika Costell any other YouTuber, we’d probably think they bought their followers. In an interview with HollywoodLife, Costell spoke about getting a million subscribers in 24 hours. We estimatedsubscribers in the first week. Then I hit a million and I’m like It was a little nerve-racking because I’ve never done vlogs before," she said. Her second followed her fake wedding with Paul. Clearly, she knows how to craft some clickbait even if it’s labeled "not clickbait".

Are they or aren’t they? The couple’s entire relationship was always a dance of are they or aren’t they, and, real or not, they so popular on YouTube that their single "Jerika" actually hit the Billboard Hot They did it without a major label or any label at all. Though Jerika presented as a solid unit, Paul opened up about their relationship to The New York Timesand basically said everything was for clicks. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things of Erika Costell.

Yet, somehow, things between Costell and Paul did actually become real. According to Just Jared Jr. Though Newsweek questioned whether fellow Erika Costell Shane Dawson’s documentary might have had something to do with the break up, Paul opened up about the alleged dark nature of their not-so-sacred union.

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It allegedly boiled down to a trip in Greece, which J points out the stars seemed excited for during Dawson’s documentary series. Apparently, they argued like crazy and Paul struggled to find a resolution. Paul has since moved on with fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau, though according to Peopleit’s not clear if they’ve consummated their fake marriage. Did Erika Costell actually like Jake Paul? In a video that Seventeen claims was meant to refute Team 10’s allegations that FaZe Banks, another YouTuber, assaulted one of their assistants at a nightclub, Violet admitted that Costell absolutely couldn’t stand her alleged boyfriend, Jake Paul, at least at one point.

At the heart of it, Costell claimed the internet blew her feud with Violet out of proportion; however, it’s not clear if she actually harbored bad feelings towards Paul. There is, after all, a fine line between love and hate. Is Erika Costell doing a revenge collab? It’s hard to look away even if you’re constantly muttering to yourself, Erika Costell But why?

According to Dexertothe UK-based YouTuber has a long-standing feud with the Paul brothers which puts him in the same camp as the Disney channelthe people of JapanKTLA field reporterstheir neighbors, and probably a lot of parents of young "Paulers".

As of this writing, no collaboration has actually been released to the public, but it would certainly be the chaotic kind of petty that makes the world of Team 10 a multi-million dollar enterprise. With the rematch set for Novemberit’s hard to imagine Costell not being involved. Not only was it garnering headlines in U. Honestly, the UN should consider hiring these guys for their next climate change summit if they’re really looking for press.

In a YouTube videothe model admitted that she’s living her life for herself at the moment, and putting her career first, but there is someone sitting around on the sidelines. I’m not like ‘official’ in anything, but I definitely have my eyes on somebody. Not if Tana Mongeau has anything to do with it.

Erika Costell had a Panera reunion with Jake Paul YouTube Though Jake Paul described his relationship with Erika Costell as toxic, it appears the pair have at least mended some bridges over bread bowls and half-sandwiches.

The former flames were reportedly spotted out together at Panera in the summer of — and Tana Mongeau was not thrilled that her fake husband was hanging out with his fake ex-wife. Following her wedding, Mongeau hasn’t spent a lot of time with Paul due to some family emergencies.

Her grandmother died, and she was forced to go back Erika Costell Las Vegas. During that time, she found out from Twitter that her YouTube husband was hanging around Costell, according to Insider. Fans even pointed out that the model was hanging out with her ex at a birthday party that Erika Costell weekend.

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Let’s be clear, Mongeau might have been a little peeved at Costell, but she was laughing through her song. Is a brand new throuple on the horizon for Mongeau? We get it: they’re cute; they jump around; and they sometimes faint when startled. The YouTube compilations Erika Costell goats yelling like humans are a form of entertainment so spectacular it could have only been crafted by the heavens themselves — but, like, why is Costell so wholesomely obsessed?

In a YouTube videoErika Costell explained her unbridled Erika Costell. She had a pet goat when she was around 12 years old, and the lifelong love stuck with her forever. His name was Twinkle Buddy Twinkle Buddy was my favorite, and he actually died unexpectedly. I’ve been obsessed with goats my entire life," she said.

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In that same video, Costell also points out that GOAT means greatest of all time, which is — as she puts it — "dope. One is on Erika Costell wrist and one is on the inside of her lip. To be fair, they Erika Costell a tiny bit different: one is lowercase, and one is all caps basically, they’re the same tattoo.

There’s a lot of room for drama considering Costell split from Team 10 after essentially helping found it and had a very dramatic breakup with Jake Paul. It’s uneven. The color is ugly. It was just a total fail That’s my seventh tattoo — I’ve had no problems with any other tattoos, and I just Erika Costell get used to this one. I hate it; it was poorly done," Erika Costell said. Unfortunately, Costell couldn’t get the tattoo removed that day.

The laser clinic only had machines that handled black ink, and if she tried to remove it, it may have changed colors or caused scarring.