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She and her former husband, Tony Puryear, created the series after having their TV concept turned away by countless companies in Erika Alexander and one particularly troubling encounter with an executive. For one thing, we were two Black people pitching something from the future.

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But he Erika Alexander was racist on two fronts because he was also saying that we were only talking to a Black audience, right? And then later on, Forbes said, we were one of the best graphic novels in America … we Erika Alexander trying to find a way around this big mountain and ended up going to a whole other industry.

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All of that. And they were demanding change and we were already in that flow. So why do we do this? We did this because there was no room at the end for our baby Jesus.

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It was stuck in a misogynistic world, stuck in a homophobic world. All these sort of things sort of applied to that world.

Closer Look: Power Rising Summit with Erika Alexander; Latino USA Host Maria Hinojosa; And More

He was Bobby and she was Dana. We can be an alien. We can be multi-gendered. We can be other than we are.

Erika Alexander Believes There Is A New Arts Renaissance Found In The Crypto Space

The digital collectibles are already making history as the first officially generative art project NFTs to date and they offer a whole new world of engagement. The whole place could fall apart.

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You could be in Texas and everything be flooded out, but you still have those.