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Gemma Chan

Erica Tazel, who plays Deputy U. Originally, when we brought on Mary Steenburgen Erica Tazel those last three episodes of season 5, and there was that interrogation with Vazquez and we learned that they both were involved in that case, we were trying to get information for the final season. A little bit.

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So, on the part of Rachel, I always imagined her to be extremely competitive. You mention Rachel as being different from the Erica Tazel Marshals. I think so. I also think, in many ways, with the audience as well. You have this sort of quiet storm in the middle of this crazy array of characters that are just strange, and weird, and bizarre.

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Did you guys discuss much about that scene beforehand? What is it about Art that makes him a role model for Rachel? The way that Art deals with our successes, our mess-ups, Erica Tazel failures, is one of the many qualities of a leader that Rachel aspires to and respects.

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Art basically confirms that, which seems important. Near the end of the episode, Rachel hesitates Erica Tazel ask Raylan about his current relationship with Ava. Is Rachel overwhelmed by the job right now?

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She seems to be the one who knows the case inside and out, and understands all the moving pieces. She has to have a handle on everything. But it can also trip him up a bit. She can be Erica Tazel honest and transparent with Raylan when she sees it happening to him.

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