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The chieftains of Venad, owing allegiance to the Chera-Perumals, were determined on extending their sway into the Ay kingdom. Their opportunity might have came in the disorder following the Chola defeat at Takkolam (mid-10 century AD). The Venad chieftains were eventually successful in capturing the whole Ay country down to Kottaru. In general, the influence of the Kerala rulers spread into the southern Ay territory in the 10th century AD. The Pandyas were defeated in the “great battle of Sripurambiyam” in c. Chera Perumal’s considerable influence in the Ay country following this battle is visible in two records discovered from that region.

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In the Parthivasekarapuram inscription of Kokkurunandakkan, the Ay ruler claims to have belonged to the line of Yadavas or Ayars. People who lived in the mullai region were called as Ayars, Koyalars and Idayars. According to the Tolkappiyam, the presiding deity of the mullai region was Mayon i.e. Another name for the Ayars was Pothuvar or Konar or Maniyani. As of 2022, Era gained over 200 followers and more than 55,400 views. In 2022, Era travelled to Moscow to chase her career as a model.


Towards the close of the early historic period, Pandya supremacy might have extended to the Ay territory . It is speculated that the name Ay is derived from the early Tamil word “Ay” meaning cowherd. The cowherds were known as Ayars in Tamil even as they were known as Ahirs and Abhiras in the North India. Tradition says that the Ahirs in the Pandya country came to Tamilakam along with the ancestors of the Pandya. Potiya mountain region and its capital was known as Ay-kudi.

  • As of 2022, Era Ays has an estimated net worth of roughly $650,000.
  • He is mentioned in the Purananuru as the “Lord of Podiyil Mala” in southern Western Ghats.
  • Their opportunity might have came in the disorder following the Chola defeat at Takkolam (mid-10 century AD).

She follows the latest lip-sync trends and dancing routines. Era is currently 69th most followed TikToker in the world, with 250,000 followers behind Lele Pons. Log in to follow creators, like videos, and view comments.

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The dynasty was also known as Kupaka in medieval period. At the same time, she has around 200 followers on other social media platforms. What differentiates Era Ays from other social media stars is that she is popular only on TikTok. Erzhena Ayushieva is one of the most followed TikToker’s in the world who goes by her artistic name “Era Ays”.

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‘Sanditon’ 2 shines in this golden era of period dramas.

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