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View in PubMed Evaluation of the vomiting infant, management of dehydration, and intussusceptionBouncebacks! Management of Amputations. American College of Emergency Physicians.


West J Emerg Med. J Emerg Med. View in PubMed Academic Emergency Medicine Application of the flipped classroom to pediatric education in emergency medicine residency curriculum. View in PubMed A case of possible acute refeeding syndrome: A review of a rare, but potentially life-threatening diagnosis Emily Rose Medicine Open Journal. View in PubMed Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention to improve hypertension control in an urban underserved practice J Am Emily Rose Hypertens.

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View in PubMed Diphenhydramine overdose with intraventricular conduction delay treated with hypertonic sodium Emily Rose and iv. View in PubMed Pediatric inflammatory bowel disease in the emergency department: managing flares and long-term complications Pediatr Emerg Med Pract.

View in PubMed An evidence-based approach to the evaluation and treatment of drowning and submersion injuries Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice. View in PubMed Prophylactic photopheresis Emily Rose chronic rejection: effects on graft intimal hyperplasia in cardiac transplantation Clin Transplant.

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View in PubMed Prevention of retrosternal adhesion formation in a rabbit model using bioresorbable films of polyethylene glycol and polylactic acid J Surg Res. View in PubMed Prophylactic photopheresis and effect on graft atherosclerosis in cardiac transplantation Transplant Proc. View in PubMed Avoid beta-blockers in cocaine-associated myocardial infarctions. View in PubMed Do not forget to appropriately manage right ventricular ischemia in inferior myocardial infarctionIn: Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department 1stedition; editors [Mattu, Chanumgam, Swadron, et al.

View in PubMed Dr. Rose is a prolific educator with numerous publications and invited national presentations. She is Emily Rose about innovative education and an advocate for high standards of professionalism in medicine. She recently published a textbook on life-threatening rashes and is currently creating a practical guide for pediatric emergencies. Northwest Seminars. Emergency Medicine Academy. Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program. Emily Rose Medical Center. Cook County Department of Emergency Medicine.

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Washington, D. Pediatric Bootcamp. Resuscitation Conference. Department of Emergency Medicine. Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. Northridge Hospital. Providence Tarzana Medical Center. Los Robles Regional Medical Center. University of California Irvine Medical Center. Arcadia Methodist Hospital. Vernon Fire Department.

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Emergency Medicine Residency Grand Rounds. Department of Pediatrics.

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Loma Linda University Medical Center. Paraphimosis in kids: How do I fix it? Pearls and Pitfalls. Pediatric Resuscitation. Neonatal Resuscitation. Pediatric Dermatologic Emergencies. Pediatric Fever. Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies. Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies.

Pediatric Orthopedic Emergencies. Pediatric Genitourinary Emily Rose.

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Pediatric Gastrointestinal Emergencies. Pediatric Metabolic Emergencies. Pediatric Neurologic Emergencies. Caring for Children. Oakstone CME. Fort Lauderdale, FL, Rose E, Swadron S. Fingertip Injuries. Burbank, CA, You want to give what?!