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Off with your head…. Of course, its not a fairytale without a quest.

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A fairytale for adults that is ripe with both quintessential storybook elements but with enough tongue-in-cheek social critique and witty punning There are medieval infomercials! Probably virgins! Support groups for the recently cursed! Not only is the subject matter itself mature, but the humour is also rather crude, running Emily Lynne gamut from what might be chuckle-worthy after a glass of wine Emily Lynne what will have you struggling to draw breath between guffaws around the bottom of the rum barrel.

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Still, above all else, this is a tale about sisterhood, about power and powerlessness, and about friendship—and, of course, with something of a happy ending. Heads Will Roll is available from Amazon and Audible. Will you be checking out Heads Will Roll? Or have you Emily Lynne

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Tell Emily Lynne in the comments below! Will their friendship survive sensitive generals, chatty sex slaves, whiny behemoths, princes with bird fetishes, and the notion of democracy? So, hold Emily Lynne to your head, and let the bad times roll. Please note: This content is not for kids. It is for mature audiences only. This audio comedy features sexual content, adult language and themes, and violence against peasants and hobgoblins alike.

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Discretion is advised. Like this:.

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