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While Coutts currently resides Emily Coutts Los Angeles, she is able to revisit her Canadian roots quite often as the popular television show is filmed in Toronto. Discovering any new hobbies?

Star Trek and the Struggle w/ Emily Coutts

EC: For me it has been about finding balance. I want to stay active and productive, but I also want to be gentle with myself. New hobbies include going for walks to forage for wild flowers and making bouquets. It brings me so much joy.

I also started a garden with my girlfriend which has been really nice. EC: I love this question because when I think back to the beginning, the desire to perform was so natural and pure. There was no ego, expectation or fear around it, just a desire to perform in front of my family and friends. Thank you neighbours for Emily Coutts such great sports. Then I started singing lessons and my teacher told me about a musical audition for Annie.

I started acting and directing plays all through high school then moved to Toronto for theatre school. Home do your roots impact the way you operate in this industry and do you ever found a common thread with other Canadian-American actors? EC: Canada produces some insanely talented actors and filmmakers. That hard working Emily Coutts is something I will always have with me as I begin to live and work in other places.

Keyla Detmer on Star Trek Discovery originally was only supposed to be in a couple episodes. I was supposed to be in the first two episodes and then on the last day of shooting a producer came up to me and told me that they were going to keep me on the show and that was over three years ago. I had to pinch myself because it was really a dream come true to have my first consistent job especially with a cast that I love so much. EC: Star Trek is a big bold show with lots of fancy camera moves.

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Which is amazing and exciting to get to witness. As a filmmaker I am always awe struck at how perfectly oiled the machine is. EC: Truly a dream.

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It was one of my first jobs in film so despite being completely overwhelmed, it turned out to be an incredible learning experience for me. GDT was thrilling. His energy on set is magnetic and he makes every person want to step up and do great work. EC: Yes! Recently I produced a short film I wrote called Dear Jesus.

It has been in the works for a few years and we shot it in December We Emily Coutts currently in post production and will be doing a festival run starting this fall. I want to continue to write, produce and direct as much as I can. How do you stay resilient and emotionally sound during the turbulent times? What would be your advice to younger actors on navigating these challenges? EC: If you compare yourself to others, this Emily Coutts will eat you up. This industry can make you doubt yourself.

It can make you question whether you are good enough, special enough, pretty enough etc etc etc.

Emily Coutts – Destintion Star Trek

Any negative self talk makes the low moments Emily Coutts your career Emily Coutts much harder. Practically speaking, surrounding yourself with friends who make you feel good about yourself is so important. Have a creative community that is supportive and empowering. Doing things other than acting. You have to have hobbies outside of the industry. Collect rocks, make epic playlists, do photoshoots, make furniture…anything.

Emily Coutts Cam Show

What do you hope the future hold? Work wise I am booked to shoot a role in a new CBS pilot this year. Photography by Sarah Shreves.