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Woman Crush Wednesday: We Adore ‘With Love’ Star Emeraude Toubia

Since starring in the much-loved show Shadowhunters, Mexican-Lebanese actress Emeraude Toubia has been itching for a complete — and she found it in the Amazon Original Series With Love. The show, which is the perfect addition to your holiday cinematic Emeraude Toubia experience right after Love, Actually and Happiest Season, is centred around four interlocking couples.

Emeraude plays Lily who, like her brother, is determined to find a sense of Emeraude Toubia and maybe fall in love along the way. In each of the five episodes Emeraude Toubia goes through a number of changes—from breaking up with her boyfriend to finding herself in a love triangle—all against the backdrop of a number of you guessed it holidays.

I always knew I loved to be in front of the camera and was passionate about it, so I eventually started hosting. It was a video countdown show, similar to Total Request Live.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Emeraude Toubia, ‘With Love’ Star

Emeraude Toubia I got my first job as an actor and realized how much I loved acting. While in Emeraude Toubia, studios would fly me out here to test and moved to LA to try the Hollywood thing and in three months I booked the starring role on Shadowhunters. As an actor, I just feel very fulfilled and I feel a little spoiled that I got two completely different roles! Is that what initially attracted you to With Love? I am always getting auditions and sending in self-tapes because I feel I grow as an actor when I do that, but none of the roles were fulfilling.

They were always the sister, the friend, the side-kick. I wanted something Emeraude Toubia.

‘With Love’ Star Emeraude Toubia Brings Heart and Drive to Roles On and Off the Screen

The words fell out of my mouth and I knew I loved the show and this girl. Emeraude Toubia takes a lot of courage to break up with someone you feel comfortable with and now she has to deal with the constant questions about why they broke up, asking her when she is going to get pregnant, and so on.

In life, we have to set our own rules. Something I love about this show, in particular, is the different forms of love that Emeraude Toubia portrayed — from Lily being single and free to the patriarchs of the family learning how to keep the flame going in their 50s.

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Exploring those themes during those holidays… It made it a true joy to be on set. Getting to work with Constance Emeraude Toubia was incredible. To know that she gets to play my mom in With Love is something I would have never thought of in a million years! Emeraude Toubia feels full circle for me.

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My love advice for men: stop ghosting! She taught me to live life to the fullest and never be complacent. Is that something you would take with you? Yeah, definitely. Being present and letting go. As long as I am doing the work, I need to stop pressuring myself and just enjoy life! I feel there is an essence there whether you realize it or not.

You know Charlize Theron with Monster right? Showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett said she wanted to create something joyful after the last few Emeraude Toubia feeling like they were full of trauma. What has this show brought to you while making it? Gloria was on set every single day holding my hand. That really transcended onto the set. I felt I was taken care of which allowed me to give Emeraude Toubia best.

I want to talk to you about The Emerald Co, a Emeraude Toubia company that champions Latina stories. Why was it so important for you to create a company that highlights the universality of their lived experiences? My goal is to develop fun, authentic stories that just happen to be Latina-centric. I want them to speak to universal themes. I wanted to take the lead and not wait for the opportunities but create them instead. I have some projects in development, hopefully, I can share them soon!

Love, Em is your recently launched clothing line! What made you want to start it?

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Love, Em is a love letter to all the women wearing it. I want my clothing to wrap you in romance, to make you feel at ease and to make you feel comfortable. I wanted to show something different. It was very important to embrace every woman and every body Emeraude Toubia.

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I love having control over that. Lastly, if you could manifest something for Emeraude Toubia over the next year, what would it be? I obviously want to manifest things like health, joy, and family, but I also want to manifest a blockbuster movie… Ideally with Ryan Gosling. That would be the Emeraude Toubia. With Love is streaming now on Amazon Prime.