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As ofshe is around 39 years old. She is also the White House Correspondent for Newsmax Media, and has been a screenwriter as well as an actress in her past.

Drops Antivax Reporter and Conspiracy Theorist Emerald Robinson

Parents : Her father Robert Hughes Robinson is a pastor, and former coal miner. Emerald has a brother, Jekeyma Obediah Robinson. She was also a cheerleader. Emerald is married to Garrick Davis, Emerald Robinson poet, and literary critic. She has two children with Garrick Davis, a son, Asher Davis, and a newborn daughter.

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She resides with her family in Arlington, Virginia. During that time, she lived in Los Angeles, pursuing a career in acting. Emerald Robinsonshe decided to go full-time into reporting. From toshe was also the director of Emerald Robinson relations and a producer for the Institute for Global Economic Growth in Washington DC.

In Aprilshe was also made the chief White House correspondent. She was at One America News until January Emerald was very close to her dad and was much influenced by his faith. Known to express potentially controversial views on her social media, Robinson has shown frequent support for Emerald Robinson Donald Trump as well as contempt for his detractors.

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She has interviewed big political figures like Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, Ben Carson, and many other prominent figures in the Trump administration. Her work has also been praised by many notable conservative figures around the world.

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See above for details. Yes, she was charismatic, intelligent, very well informed and prepared totally for each and every spot broadcast that I have ever seen her doing, which were numerous. She was unflappable, intelligent, earnest and compelling Emerald Robinson well. All these attributes, all these qualities make what transpired a few days ago nearly unbelievable.

I am truly in a state Emerald Robinson shock.

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All of her previous pre camera, pre-reporting readiness is now totally absent.