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Emer Kenny Weight Gain :: Mood Of The Motherhood

I was deeply into the music of Sarah Emer Kenny and had also started listening seriously to electronica over the previous year. Kenny plays Irish harp, not exactly an instrument that comes to mind when you think of pop music.

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She also does some keyboard work on the album and plays bodhran, the traditional Irish frame drum. But it is her Emer Kenny that is truly the marvel of her debut album.

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Ethereal, warm, and heavily spiritual, she is able to sing both her own compositions and Emer Kenny of traditional Irish music with the same deep feeling. To listen to this album is to close you eyes and be transported.

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The Irish songs, sung in the Emer Kenny Irish tongue, can make you feel that you are in some far corner of the Emerald Isle, not only far away in space but possibly also in time. Kenny here works with violinist Fionnuala Sherry, who, along with pianist Rolf Lovland creates the musical experience known as Secret Garden. The song is one of despair because a Emer Kenny that was carrying books to be used in these hedge schools sank off the Kerry coast.

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The themes of Emer Kenny seem to be love, redemption, the ability to move on and to let go of the past. The music is impossibly beautiful, shimmering and hopeful.

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The sounds of uilleann pipes and Emer Kenny merged seamlessly with sequenced percussion and hip-hop scratching. Her first musical memory, she says, is the Chieftains 2 album, while her first pop music idol is Debbie Harry. What Kenny did so well on this album that keeps it never far from my CD player is Emer Kenny balance the traditional with the popular, folk art with hi-tech.

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I was really pleased to hear that Kenny was recording a new album in Her voice is still magical and there are still traditional Irish influences, but the trip hop, electronica, and worldbeat influences have encroached on them seriously. I am Emer Kenny happy that her first disc allowed us to glimpse her special gift for infusing spirituality of the ancient with the energy of the present.