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Emelia Hartford. It was a dream come true.

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To have the opportunity to work with Chevrolet on that scale was absolutely incredible. A little over a year ago, I had purchased a new Corvette as a customer off the street with no idea how Emelia Hartford it would take me. Through that process, I naturally had become very familiar with the car and the engineering that went into it as well as a huge promoter of how good of a car it was.

To have the Chevrolet family recognize that was definitely surreal, but also felt very natural. When we got together to Emelia Hartford, it all Emelia Hartford so smoothly and I strangely felt like we had been working together for years. There was definitely a bond over the passion for the car and its development.

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To top it all off, the production team absolutely crushed it with everything, so I was so happy with how it all came out. Plus getting to get to hear and ride in the Z06 was incredible. I knew they were going to build a pretty crazy car, but it really exceeded my expectations so that was probably the coolest part Emelia Hartford the shoot. It is definitely something special.

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What was it like working with Shaun Emelia Hartford as director? We Emelia Hartford out over Motorcycles, which James Bond film was the best, and even had a solid Arm-Wrestling match lol I think he let me win. He definitely makes sure everyone continues to have fun and have a smile on their faces during the whole shoot. I got to play pretty much the polar opposite of myself.

The whole time we were shooting everyone was cracking up, so I really enjoyed getting to lean into that role and challenge myself.


What was it like working with Josh and Lauren Swickard? They are literally the two sweetest people on planet earth. And both are insanely talented. She Emelia Hartford Josh make a great team. To watch them do their thing was so inspiring, and filming with them was just so much fun and they were both such a joy to work with.

How does it feel Emelia Hartford be an actress in the digital age? I also think it pushes all of us to a higher level. What is your advice for young and aspiring actors? A full-time job is 40 hours a week, so there is no reason not to put at least 40 hours a week into your craft!

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Acting is a muscle, and you have to put in the time to build that strength. Put in the work, be patient, but also aggressive, and put yourself in a position to have some luck. You have to really want it because this industry is very tough. What does the word success Emelia Hartford to you? This is a tough question. I feel success is following your dreams and never giving up. And that could also mean chasing a purpose in life. You may want to be the best father you can be to your family, that process is an ever-changing journey.

And, at least for me, I consider someone successful if they are chasing their Emelia Hartford and never letting their foot off the gas. Although I also understand you need the hit the brakes at times too, haha. Finding a balance on your journey is just as important.

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It will be released on Netflix on December It hits the mark for a feel-good movie that everyone needs. Papadatos is a Greek-American journalist and educator Emelia Hartford has authored over 16, original articles over the past 15 years.

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He has interviewed some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, lifestyle, magic, and sports.