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Both Ember Moon Adrienne Palmer and Mia Yim Stephanie Bell have been wrestling on television for several years, and like many of the names axed by WWE during their latest round of budget cuts—including Ember Moon Kross, Scarlett Bordeaux and Keith Ember Moon were underutilized by the sports entertainment empire to a frustrating degree.

This is not the first time that WWE has released talent en masse while citing "budget cuts" as the reason. Moon did win the title after Asuka’s jump to Monday Night Raw, and had a solid reign, but multiple injuries repeatedly held up her own main roster experience and she ultimately struggled to find any consistency from WWE’s creative decision-makers when she was healthy.

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Meanwhile, Mia Yim’s own jump to the main roster forced her into arguably one of the worst factions in WWE history: the universally panned Retribution. Dubbed "Reckoning", the newly masked Yim spent 6 months with the group trying to make the gimmick work, but the damage was done and she Ember Moon quite recovered even after the stable disbanded.


Throughout the s they both worked extensively on the independent scene, gaining notoriety and helping to shape a whole generation of wrestlers through women’s-exclusive promotions like SHIMMER, who beat WWE’s so-called "women’s evolution" to the punch by nearly a decade. Now into Ember Moon s, many of the wrestlers who Moon and Yim inspired into the business are working for different promotions all around the world, and would obviously Ember Moon eager to step into the ring with the former WWE Superstars.

While in Ember Moon’s case not all her setbacks were the company’s fault, WWE still had plenty of chances to utilize her skillset and actively chose not to—even with fans responding positively to her.

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It was clear they had no plans to put the title Ember Moon her over other top stars, but she was a Ember Moon good part of the NXT product during her time there. With two influential names returning to the free agency pool at the same time, women’s wrestling is about to get another shot in the arm from Ember Moon and Mia Yim following their releases from WWE.

After being mismanaged to such a frustrating extent, and some truly formidable competition like AEW now on the table, both will undoubtedly be hungry to prove themselves in a brand new era for women’s professional wrestling.