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Just leave me alone! On top of that, many kids become disrespectful when they go through this phase of adolescence.

Why Are Teens Embarrassed by Their Parents? – You are Mom

They resort to name-calling, insults and other hurtful behavior. This behavior is basically the warning sign that adolescence is approaching. Could you find something else to do? As painful and annoying as it is, understand that your child actually needs to Embarrassed Teen through this individuation process on the way to adulthood. How can you deal with this as a parent?


If you get emotional, it just makes that push-pull worse, until it turns into a tug-of-war. You can start with small steps and then graduate to the Embarrassed Teen step eventually.

You might feel better about your daughter going with a friend at first, for example, than letting her go alone. Sometimes, in order to establish those connections with their friends, they reject their parents a little or a lot! What can you do? I think you have to be there with your child in a different way than you were before. Rent a movie that your Embarrassed Teen wants to see, for example, and talk about it together afterward.

Again, you have to keep the emotions out of it. Here are 3 things Embarrassed Teen help you deal with a verbally abusive child: 1.

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Step away from the door and from the argument. Go take a minute or an hour, or several hours to calm down. Go have a cup of tea or do something that relaxes you. Embarrassed Teen you have someone you can talk to about it that will calm you down, give them a call. When this is happening, I know it makes you feel like you need to be in charge and make them stop. You feel impotent and suddenly not very empowered. But generally, trying to control the situation just makes it worse.

When you step into an argument, it usually escalates from there. Talk about it later. Embarrassed Teen at me and verbally abusing me are not okay and there are consequences for that.

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If swearing and name-calling is a pattern of behavior with your child, you need to give him consequences. During your conversation, let him know that calling you names and threatening you is unacceptable. Tell him that he will lose Embarrassed Teen cell phone, for example, for a specified period of time.

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Find someone with older kids who can tell you stories about their own experiences and give you good advice.