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Becoming a surgeon means having skilled hands and a calm demeanor in addition to the intelligence to learn how to be so precise and careful under pressure. Becoming a professional surfer Ellie Coffey a certain skill level and talent, a lack of fear, and a lot of training.

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While Ellie-Jean Coffey is not a surgeon, she is a pro surfer and a model. She was born on November 25, Her parents have seven kids.

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If not, they definitely have a handful of teenagers. It was this type of travel that gave her the passion and the desire to get out and get her surf on. She loved to see the waves and those who were on them, and she did Ellie Coffey she needed to do to make it work for herself. She learned, and she was good.

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The pair are both pros, and they worked hard to earn their spots in the professional surfing industry. Many years of practice and working hard has led them to where they are in their careers.

She found out that he was cheating on her in the summer ofand she fell into a deep depression. She was newly single and upset, and everything felt as though it had been rocked.

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Her sister is Holly-Daze. Her other sister is Ruby-Lee, and her youngest sister is Bonnie-Lou.

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She believes no one is truly living their lives until they are living a life that makes them happy, and that is just that.