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Annie Murphy

The pre-school when I arrived was undergoing drastic updates to improve the facilities of the school to aid learning and enable the comfort of the children in this space.


The children who attend the school are the children of the rangers Park Teams so the updating of the facilities is also going to allow for them to be able to fully focus on their Ellie Bamber of the environment and the animals in the park. The walls of the classrooms have been painted bright colours to provide the children with a bright learning space.

They are just finishing up a new play area Ellie Bamber the school, with swings a slide and a merry-go-round and again it incorporates bright colours. New child friendly toilet facilities are also being finished off, which means the children now have separate facilities to the rest of the community.

The Foundation is now currently Ellie Bamber on equipping the school with new and useful education tools and furniture in order to continue to increase the comfort of the children and to create an encouraging environment for learning.

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She really encouraged and inspired me to get involved with the work Ellie Bamber ABCF carry out. I miss you Yvonne! She did her primary education and part of her high school in the capital, Harare, and finished Ellie Bamber a boarding school in Gweru. After which she attended her University in Australia and returned home to Zimbabwe in December.

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In Australia Ellie Bamber obtained a diploma in Hospitality as well as Diploma in Commerce. Having worked under the watchful eye of a Queensland icon in Australia, who is very involved in charity within Ellie Bamber Brisbane community, it was only natural for Yvonne to find a job within an organisation that gives back to the community, she says it is one on the main reasons she joined African Bush Camps as a Hostess at Somalisa Camp in March She also works working closely with the different education, scholarship, income generating and community empowerment programs we support within the communities the Foundation partners with.

She also enjoys accompanying guests on Ellie Bamber Tours, which are great opportunities for insight into the work and people behind ABCF projects; aimed at empowering communities and individuals to thrive, enjoy value and Ellie Bamber in the beautiful, natural areas they live within. Led by the oldest female, referred to as the matriarch. It is this amazing lady who holds the fate of the rest of the herd in her brain.

Elephants possess an unbelievable source of intelligence with their sense of the memory been second to none, passed on from female to female ensuring the knowledge is never lost, something we humans have a hard time doing. So high is their intelligence that of all animals the elephant is one of two that are able to recognise themselves in the mirror. They are capable of empathy as well, known to take care of their sick, chewing food for them.

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The beauty is while males will Ellie Bamber the herd by the age ofthe females on the other hand will stay together for life. Just like humans they are capable of a wide range of emotions, from celebrating the birth of a new one to mourning the death of a loved one. Just like we hug and celebrate when meeting our loved ones after prolonged absence so do elephants. Ellie Bamber celebration is a sight to behold, trumpeting loudly and turning round in circles in a clumsily but elegant waltz as if auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing.

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It is our duty to protect these magnificent gentle giants whose teeth tusks have seen being persecuted and hunted. It is our duty to see to it that future generations get to experience and see these magnificent animals.

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By directly linking these benefits to tourism these communities learn to positively value wildlife and nature as resources for improving their well-being.