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She was most famous for her Instagram account, on which she had a million followers, but it seems that she’s either deactivated it or received a temporary ban for inappropriate content. Recently, she also opened her own store at Storenvy.com, with the goal of selling her photos and costume design sketches in print form. Her Twitter account is followed by 150,000 people, regularly interacting with her. Interestingly, she also has an unofficial section on Reddit, with 13,000 users receiving the latest updates about her career.

Elise Laureen people, regularly interacting with

Florence Chapin Obituary – Rochester Democrat And Chronicle – Democrat & Chronicle

Florence Chapin Obituary – Rochester Democrat And Chronicle.

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Elise Laureen Florence Chapin Obituary

The idea behind Naked News is to promote the beauty of the female body, as well as instilling a healthy mindset about nudity and its historical significance. Elise mostly deals with internet and pop culture-related topics, with occasional photoshoots, like the one she did with Bruce Colero, an artist renowned in the nude photography niche. She was also the anchor of Naked in the Streets, a special segment of “Naked News” in which the reporter goes out topless and interviews passers-by on a wide range of topics. With her tattoos, unique charisma and eloquence, Elise became a staple of the show, and is still appearing in segments and other publications by Naked News.

Other Ventures: Suicide Girls

Her uncanny body modifications and creativity have caused her to become one of the most sought-after alternative models in the world. She worked on the suit with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Gilbert who helped her design the suit. Some of the other characters which inspired her to copy their dress include Harley Quinn from “Batman”, Samus Aran from the “Metroid series”, and the Punisher from the movie with the same name. She’s done various photo shoots too, as wel as appearing in numerous cosplay events. Elise gained most of her popularity while she was a part of “SuicideGirls”, an online community-based website on which models who call themselves “SuicideGirls” post their pictures in very little clothing or no clothing at all. It was originally made in 2001 by Selena Mooney, and is still very active.