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Sara Haines

Every writer, director and series regular on the show is Indigenous.

Red Sonja

This interview contains minor spoilers for Reservation Dogs. The Native film industry Devery Jacobs so small, so I had known of Sterlin for a couple of years and had a chance to meet him and become friends with him a year [before]. And also, I had been such a fan of Taika since his film Boy, which is one of my favorite films of all time.

And Devery Jacobs the breakdown, it Devery Jacobs like the Native American version of Boy, which was so exciting and something that I absolutely needed to be a part Devery Jacobs. I auditioned for it and ended up working my way up to the casting callbacks in Los Angeles in around February ofbecause we were supposed to shoot in April of But that was where I got to meet all of my fellow castmates, who were part of the Rez Dogs but who are also in the Bad Guy gang and who build the world around the Reservation Dogs.

We really formed a fast friendship there, but it was through shooting the pilot that we really formed a family.

Ekaterina Novikova
How did you react when you got the call that you landed the role? I have a tendency when I book projects Devery Jacobs not believe them. In your experience, does having such a strong, all-Native presence on both sides of the camera really change the energy of a production?

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I am used to being in spaces that either are non-Indigenous or are non-Indigenous [peoples] telling Indigenous storylines. We just hope we were able to entertain and tell the truth and do that community justice.

Kalani Hilliker
Like you said, you got to shoot on location in Oklahoma, where Sterlin was born and raised. How did you immerse yourself in learning about the history of the Indigenous peoples in that area? I painted Oklahoma with this one brush, especially coming from Canada.

I had this Devery Jacobs of what that area was like. There is such a dark history in Oklahoma, like many places in the U. It was the ending point of the Trail of Tears as well.

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Sterlin is a descendant of the survivors of the Trail of Tears, and so were all of our characters in Reservation Dogs. She is the brains behind the operation in organizing their departure for California and is the one who is kind of organizing the petty crimes that they do, and tallying and keeping track of the money. I think the quote you mentioned, where Rita talks about Devery Jacobs Indigenous women and having Devery Jacobs be the ones to carry everything and make it work, is something that absolutely resonated in my culture, in my community, in my life.

I definitely feel like Elora is the big sister of the group. That, I think, is where I can connect with Elora. Did you and the rest of the team Devery Jacobs a sense of pressure to capture the various experiences of your diverse communities?

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I think it would be impossible for us to try and nail the Devery Jacobs and energy of every space of every individual community. Projects like Pose or Atlanta or Moonlight or Minari — Devery Jacobs are all projects that are so rooted in that specific culture, and that was what we were trying to accomplish with Reservation Dogs.

This could be my family, my uncle, my cousin. Devery Jacobs the only difference was that one was set in Oklahoma with Southern accents, and the other was an entirely different type of Indigenous people in New Zealand who have Kiwi accents. Do you feel like a new day has come for Indigenous representation in mainstream media?

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. The first three episodes of Reservation Dogs are now available to stream on Hulu. A new episode will be released every Monday.