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By the time police rescue units arrived, two of the agents were reduced to charred corpses and the third was seriously injured. Authorities suspect that the lynching was provoked by the persons who were being investigated. Both local and federal authorities had abandoned the agents, saying that the town was too far away for them to try to intervene. Some officials said they would provoke a massacre if the authorities tried to rescue the men from the mob. The five victims intended to enjoy their holiday climbing La Malinche, a nearby mountain, but they had to stay in the village due to adverse weather conditions.

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  • Suddenly, a satellite crashes through the sky and the herd starts to scatter.
  • A group of Afghan women carried her coffin, chanted slogans and demanded justice.
  • A fellow survivor, Matias, started to have a panic attack and wanted to leave the basement.
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Alpha threatens that should he and his people cross her border again the horde will cross onto their lands. Alpha reveals that she believes that Daryl is not capable of protecting Lydia though she hopes to be proven wrong, possibly showing that she somewhat has faith in his abilities. Weakened and losing blood, Alpha follows Daryl into an abandoned gas station where she looks takes a seat and bangs her shotgun on the wall to attract walkers in the vicinity which will protect her and attack Daryl. When three walkers are lured inside, she growls at one for them to hide her identity and watches as Daryl kills them before they both pass out. That night, Alpha remains bleeding out on the floor and starts a speech about light and darkness, stating that she’s grateful for everyone who’s made her strong. When Daryl says she drove Lydia away because she didn’t love her, she becomes offended and tries to approach him, but faints due to the exhaustion.