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She would file a lawsuit against the WWE and also become an advocate for wrestlers getting health benefits. Dawn Marie Psaltis originally had plans to be in the entertainment industry.

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She had aspirations to be either a model or an actress. While her career as a model was starting to take off, she jokingly told a friend she thought about becoming a professional wrestler. The joke turned into a real life opportunity Dawn Marie she began training.

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Her first protege was none other than Tony Atlas. She would remain on the north east independent scene for several years.

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Her original name was Tammy Lynn Bytch and her gimmick was that of a hot looking Dawn Marie who was actually clumsy. She was paired with Lance Storm and Heyman loved their on screen chemistry.

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Dawn Marie would provide color commentary alongside Joey Styles in ECW while they tried to figure out who she would be paired up with next. She would remain with them until ECW folded in Dawn Marie was with the WWE from until A controversial lesbian angle developed between Torrie and Dawn Marie after that. She would soon become pregnant and shortly thereafter was Dawn Marie from the company.

She would file a complaint and would reach a settlement out of court with WWE. After giving birth to a son, Dawn Marie returned to wrestling on the independent circuit. She also became an advocate for professional wrestlers helping Dawn Marie receive money for medical expenses.

So the question is: whatever happened to Dawn Marie.

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Dawn Marie would retire from the business and although she still does occasional appearances, she is now a nurse who works in New Jersey. She is still married and now has two children. Share this:.