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In 1980, UNESCO awarded Nicaragua the Nadezhda K. Krupskaya prize in recognition of its efforts.[unreliable source? ] The FSLN also focused on improving the Nicaraguan health system, particularly through vaccination campaigns and the construction of public hospitals. These actions reduced child mortality by half, to 40 deaths per thousand.

In November 2008, the Supreme Electoral Council received national and international criticism following irregularities in municipal elections, but agreed to review results for Managua only, while the opposition demanded a nationwide review. For the first time since 1990, the Council decided not to allow national or international observers to witness the election. Instances of intimidation, violence, and harassment of opposition political party members and NGO representatives have been recorded. Official results show Sandinista candidates winning 94 of the 146 municipal mayoralties, compared to 46 for the main opposition Liberal Constitutional Party . The opposition claimed that marked ballots were dumped and destroyed, that party members were refused access to some of the vote counts and that tallies from many polling places were altered. As a result of the fraud allegations, the European Union suspended $70m of aid, and the US$64m.

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College Of Agriculture & Natural Resources Department Of Agricultural, Food, And Resource Economics

This resulted in one of the largest political scandals in US history, (the Iran–Contra affair). Oliver North and several members of the Reagan administration defied the Boland Amendment, selling arms to Iran and using the proceeds in order to secretly fund the Contras. Dr. Ortega’s research interests include China’s role in global agri-food systems and the Chinese consumer. Over the past thirteen years, his work on China has focused on the economics of food quality and on evaluating emerging markets for U.S. agricultural products. Dr. Ortega also has research experience in several developing and emerging countries, including India, Kenya, Malawi, and Rwanda. He has published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Food Policy, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Economic Development and Cultural Change, World Development, China Economic Review, and the European Review of Agricultural Economics.

Mistrial declared in 1997 homicide case – Albuquerque Journal

Mistrial declared in 1997 homicide case.

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1Juan Guaidó is recognized by National Assembly as Interim President of Venezuela, but not recognized as Maduro’s successor by president Maduro and several organizations, including ALBA, during the Presidential crisis. There is also the case of Elvia Junieth who was abused by the president in 2005, and, according to the family, a girl was born from that relationship that Ortega did not recognize. Ernesto Moncada Lau, another of the assistants to the Sandinista president, appears on the birth certificate as the father of the minor. This figure of American origin served as Nicaragua’s international legal adviser before the International Court of Justice, when Managua denounced the United States for financing the counterrevolution, winning the case. On March 24, 2022, the ambassador Arturo McFields, condemned the Ortega government and requested the release of political prisoners, alluding that the government people were “tired of dictatorship” and that it was not easy to denounce it. During the Libyan Civil War, Ortega was among the very few leaders who spoke out in clear defense of the embattled Muammar Gaddafi.

David Ortega him peaked in 1984

Sandinista Revolution 1979

Once the main collective leadership body of the party, with nine members, the DN no longer met routinely, and only three historic members remained. Instead, the body just supported decisions already made by the secretary-general. Ortega sidelined party officials and other members while empowering his own informal circle, known as the ring of iron.

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  • News media interest in him peaked in 1984 and 1985, when the heavily tattooed Hells Angel ran a kilometer with the Olympic Torch.
  • He persuaded his base that the uprising had been not only an assault on his family but on the legacy of the Sandinista revolution.
  • After the retirement of Fidel Castro in 2008, Ortega is one of the longest-serving non-royal rulers in the world and the longest serving non-royal leader in the Americas.
  • In its 2022 World Report, Human Rights Watch wrote that Ortega “aggressively dismantled all institutional checks on presidential power”.