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Darcy DeMoss is an actress, a dancer and a photographer, among many other skills, and this year marks the 35th anniversary of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th, Part 6, where she memorably played the character of Nikki. I hope you all enjoy reading this interview. Run by the wonderful Gene DeRosa, many Darcy Demoss your retro horror favorites sign through this website.

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I recommend them heartily. Without any further ado, say hello to Darcy DeMoss! Johnny: Hello, Darcy. Darcy: Hi, Johnny. How are you? First of all, thank you for taking the time out of Darcy Demoss schedule to speak to me… Darcy: Absolutely! Johnny: …And I have my questions all ready to go. Darcy: Awesome! Well, thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. Johnny: Oh, no problem.

When working as part of the Friday The 13th franchise in the 80s, did you have any idea that it would have such a legacy, or did you just view it as work at the time? Darcy: I had no clue. You Darcy Demoss, I do a lot of these cons, and I do them with C. Johnny: Alright. Darcy: I think that a lot of the fans can relate to the different characters.

A lot of people were teased in school, or abused, or what have you, and they can kind of relate. Johnny: That makes sense. The movies serve as sort of a catharsis. They do a lot of charity fundraising. They care for causes for the afflicted and those who have been downtrodden. Darcy: I agree. Darcy: Thank you! Thank you so much! Darcy: Oh, I was thrilled beyond belief.

They went back-and-forth. Laughing We never saw her dead! Somehow, Nikki survived! Johnny: Fantastic. I think, when it comes out in April, everyone will Darcy Demoss what great fun this film is, and how much love was put into it.

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Darcy: Me, too! Do you think Darcy Demoss movie will ever be released in the United States? Darcy: I do, I do. This film is so good. Tom Six is a director who challenges his audiences with his films, so what was your experience like working with him on The Onania Club?

We had a really great connection with him, the other actresses and myself. I can speak for the other ladies as well. Johnny: Definitely one of the biggest challenges in our current media landscape. Darcy: All the fans have been Darcy Demoss messages to him.

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Johnny: Well, I have faith that it will get out there. Do you find clowns scary, or was that movie just a chance to have some fun? Darcy: It was a lot of fun. I just loved our director, Minh, who is incredibly talented. Johnny: That sounds like fun. Who have been your biggest influences as a photographer? Darcy: Oh, my gosh. Well, I have to go to Bill Dow, who is a very good friend of mine. Tippi Hedren is my Darcy Demoss friend, and he photographs all of her big cats at Shambala, Darcy Demoss is a preserve where she rescues big cats.

Johnny: Oh my.

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These animals come from horrific circumstances earlier in their life, and they get to go live out in sanctuary at Shamabala. I highly recommend anybody that can get out there to go visit these cats, and donate, and also you can adopt Darcy Demoss cat, which is pretty cool. I also went on safari, and David Rogers was my safari guru. His name is Greg du Toit, and his shadows and stripes are so intense, if you ever Darcy Demoss to his website.

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Johnny: It certainly is. Darcy: Elephants are my favorite. I was on safari, and I had a private guide. We were having our lunch on the Chobi River, and all of a sudden, about 50 or 60 elephants came from one side of the mountain, coming down the hill into the water, and then another 50 or 60 elephants came from the other direction, and they all just played in the Chobi River right in front of us.

At the end-end of my safari at the Chobi National Park, my guide and I were sitting on the river bank. All of a sudden, this Darcy Demoss bull elephant came walking towards us, and then he kind of walked into the river and right at us. The wind picked up, Darcy Demoss he decided to take a mud bath Darcy Demoss.

It was flinging mud everywhere, and I was like a little kid stomping in a rain puddle. I had to put my camera away and just watch visually because there was so much mud, but it was a magical, magical day. Johnny: Definitely. Darcy: I do have one photograph from that elephant. I call him Maharaj, and I usually donate that photograph for fundraisers.

Johnny: You definitely painted a vivid portrait with that story. Darcy: Oh, thank you! Darcy: Not at all! Johnny: To start off with, you were featured in several Aerobicise videos. Darcy: Well, you know, we were in the aerobics craze, so when Ron Harris came out with Aerobicise, it was something completely different. Ron Harris was a fashion photographer from New York, and then he started doing these incredible Aerobicise videos.

I had the privilege of working for him, and what an extraordinary man. He is definitely missed. I mean, my preferred form of exercise is walking Darcy Demoss laughsbut I can definitely tell the appeal exercise had in the 80s. The videos still look amazing. We were on this turntable, and we had four cameras.

There were three down below and one above, Darcy Demoss the turntable moved. It went in a big circle. He called me Wild Thing, and he always wanted me to do my exercises alone. He wanted me to stand out. Johnny: Very cool. Darcy: Well, I had done commercials.

Johnny: Alright, and it definitely was an enjoyable movie. Movies Darcy Demoss that are definitely great fun. I was born inbut I became a big 80s fan in the late 90s as a way of dealing with all the hell I was going through in that decade. Darcy: Laughing Yeah. Were you a cheerleader growing up, and if so, what was it like to revisit those days on film?

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Darcy: I did a little bit of cheerleading in junior high. With my dance background, gimme an F! I was one of the Moline Ducks. Johnny: Definitely good stuff. Now we come to the movie where you really first made an impression on Darcy Demoss. Inyou played Knox in Reform School Girls.

What are your favorite memories of working on that movie? It was an interesting experience, and I had a lot of fun. Darcy Demoss on films is an extraordinary experience.