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Darci Carlson

Like em or not, the hair bands gave us several hits that will last for generations. All that grunge was good for was making it popular to be a junkie and a sub-par musician. Your attempt at comparing hair metal to bro country is weak as well. Look at the chord progressions and riff styles most bro country guitarists employ. It’s all derived from 90s alt rock. They aren’t ripping sick guitar solos with tapping and sweep picking, that’s for sure.

SAB Alumni Cocktail Party To Celebrate 50 Years Of Suki Schorer, June 3 – Broadway World

SAB Alumni Cocktail Party To Celebrate 50 Years Of Suki Schorer, June 3.

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If there was ever a personification of the ladies canonized in Hank Williams Jr.’s self-penned tune “Outlaw Women” from Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound, it would be Darci Carlson. Or at least that’s the character she portrays in her new, self-titled album with convincing authority. Only appropriate she includes a cover of the Hank Jr. classic on this new record. Man has performed around the US and beyond as an acclaimed Ameripolitan Coutnry Artist, an actress and model for ZZTOP, a lead guitar player for her all girl punk rock band The Dolly Rottens, and a bassist and vocalist with Brent Amaker Deathsquad. In terms of personality and stage presence, yes, the 80s rock musicians were undoubtedly bigger rock stars than the 90s guys. Dudes such as Rob Hanford , Sebastian Bach and Blackie Lawless and their contemporaries brought the right mix of theatrics and talent to the forefront of their music, which is what made them special.

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Rock music can’t be viewed through the same lens as country. Rock works with a stadium aesthetic due to its bigger, louder, faster sound. Irresistible classic country music abounds on “Listening To The Music,” full of lap steel, walking bass, and heartwarming melodies. Not for everyone, but for those who like their country music dressed down, juiced up, and DIY style with no frills, Darci Carlson’s self-titled release is a raucous good time. For the traditional country crowd, they may have been hoping for some more steel guitar like the kind featured on Darci’s first record, and will probably be turned off by the lyrics anyway. Carlson is singing for lost souls here, or for those who used to be lost, and still find appeal in that rugged and raw style of underground country that has gone even more underground in recent years due to the disappearance of a cohesive scene.

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Melbourne duo The High Heaven offer an off-kilter take on country music, crafting songs that match the mood of a Sergio Leone film. Similar to Darci Carlson’s first album, the recordings here are rough-hewn, and spray painted with a DIY spirit that will appeal to some, and be found as fault with others. The approach doesn’t fit with any current relevant style craze sweeping through the Texas music or Americana crowd. This album reminds you of one of your favorite records from the late 90’s or early 2000’s that you listened to over and over until you wore out the groves, and still return to because of a familiarity you don’t feel with much of today’s music. Ma and Pa Kettle back home would be appalled to hear of such behavior, but Darci Carlson’s harrowing tales come straight from many Outlaw and underground artists, only sung in the female perspective. Three time Ameripolitan Nominee and 2022 Outlaw Female of The Year – Seattle’s Country Queen Darci Carlson delivers a true country performance of foot stompin’ originals and classic country favorites drenched in hardcore twang.

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This isn’t Punk Country or a vanity act. This is a no non-sense, throwback, true country affair. Cauthen’s mix of classic country and old-school soul come together on this album about coming back from the brink. This sounds like a good listen, Outlaw Women is one of my favorite Hank Jr songs and the description of the albums style appeals to me quite a bit. I listened to this album last night while barbecuing on the deck. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.

  • David Lee Roth and Whitesnake had Steve Vai.
  • Furthermore, grunge gave us post-grunge, which then gave us pop punk and alt rock.
  • Hair bands were also incredibly creative when it came to stage gimmicks and musical technicality.