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And she’s only been Danna Paola slightly longer. O’ in January. Q: Releasing an album during a pandemic must create a new set of challenges. I had a lot to learn, and I learned. This album was also a lot Danna Paola creative therapy for me.

It was two years composing these songs from my own experiences. This album was a catharsis in my career and my life. It was necessary for me to share it, to pass it on and turn the page with all these busy emotions. Q: What was important for you to get across through the music? A: I think realness, feelings, true love and all this heartbreak. I think visually what I wanted to convey was this catharsis on a visual level of three very important colors.

Black is the full darkness that a relationship has, that a heart has. We all have those dark moments, this personality that comes out when you are hurt. The color red, which of course means love, passion, strength and is also one of my favorite colors. I give up.

Singer Danna Paola’s album is another career ‘K.O.’

A: Yes, of course. Songs have memories, emotions. It happens with past songs. Danna Paola comes back suddenly every time I sing it, those emotions, especially when I perform live. This is gonna be the first time ever I sing the whole album during the virtual performance.

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A: Of course we did it very carefully, taking all the safety measures, which has been complicated. We created the video in a week. I started thinking about the concept, all the powerful colors that you see in the video. It makes me feel very proud to have been able to direct the video. It was very important to transmit all this strength through my dancers, Danna Paola are wearing nude-colored costumes that symbolize skin, with powerful choreography that Danna Paola sensual at the same time.

For me, and everyone, it was difficult getting it done in such a short time. Q: Danna Paola you surprised by the warm reception for the album? Just having the album finished was my goal. This is a plus now that all this craziness is happening. A: I think everything flowed from the beginning. When I was a little girl, all of this was a game for me.

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I was pretending to be an actress, to be a singer. It was never a straight line. And you were a teenager. A: Musical theater is so much of Danna Paola formed me as a singer. It was a huge challenge for me. When this project arrived, I wanted to retire from the industry permanently. I no longer wanted to act or sing.

I had worked for so long in telenovelas that I no longer felt like myself. I was always told what to do, what to sing.

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I felt like a puppet. I never knew that I could sing like that, ever, in my life. It was like a master class in acting and singing. It made me who I Danna Paola today. Q: It sounds like Elphaba saved you in many ways. A: I identified so much with Elphaba. I felt like this weird bug in my own life.

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She was a green girl, and I was a very shy girl. I felt like a weirdo. It felt like everyone was looking at me and criticizing me. Then, all the expectations after I got that role. And calla tu Danna Paola todos.