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DY: Holly is kind of this confident, independent, Danika Yarosh teenager. She has an interesting relationship with Debbie. In Season 4 she acts as a mentor and she guides Debbie and help her grow up in the, you know, grown-up world of girls and boys.

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But in Season 5, they have a different dynamic. They go down different paths — kind of butt heads a little bit.

Danika Yarosh

CM: Was Holly trying to be a positive influence? DY: Oh no!

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CM: Do you like to play characters who are troubled and who brings different elements to your acting? DY: Oh yeah absolutely. I always like playing characters with depth. I love going Danika Yarosh the process of getting to know that person and their life and how things work in their world, so I do like playing the complex characters.

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CM: When you prepare for a character like that, what are certain things that you do for your preparation? DY: Yeah, when I get into character, I like observing other people.

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I take little aspects of things that they do, like the way they stride, talk, or just little gestures that they do. I also like getting playlists of music and that helps me to be in the mental state of my character. CM: How do you balance your school and acting? Stress-baking of cookies, haha! CM: So looks Danika Yarosh you have a few nicknames floating around, Danika Yarosh you have one in particular that you really identify with?

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DY: My family calls me Neaks. Neaks or Deaks, but Deaks comes from Neaks which is Danika Yarosh last part of my name. And Nika, you know, things like that CM: What are some of your hobbies, things that you like to do outside of acting? DY: I love hiking, I love boxing. I also do archery.

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CM: When you were doing competitive dancing, was there a particular style you loved? DY: Tap. I love tap!

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Because I love the Danika Yarosh and I loved how it sounded you know? DY: Dogs with belly buttons. So me and my friend Emma Danika Yarosh talking about how weird it would be if dogs had belly buttons, like we have belly buttons. So then we were thinking, oh, someone has probably photoshopped that because there are photoshops of everything!