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Danielle first discovered Musical. Danielle admitted that she initially felt the app was a little silly, but she liked the notion of posting lip-sync videos and decided to stick with it.

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Danielle uploaded enough videos to the app that she began to be featured frequently and garnered tens of millions of followers organically. She was one of the first people on Musical.

Who is Danielle Cohn? Inside the social media star’s controversial rise to fame

Danielle ultimately told her mother Danielle Cohn the account — and the amount of money she could earn from it — when she began received invitations to produce sponsored videos. Her mother began to assist her and deposited the funds in a separate account.

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ByDanielle and her family had relocated to Los Angeles in order to further her career and assist Danielle in making the transition to a music career. When she earned the highly desired title of Miss Florida Danielle Cohn. Preteen Queen in the yearher celebrity skyrocketed. Cohn landed high-profile agreements with Target, Live Nation, and Samsung, among other firms, within her first year on the west coast, and she continued to acquire millions of followers on her many social media sites.

Danielle Cohn’s Nail Polish & Nail Art | Steal Her Style

Her reputation grew as a result of her success in the beauty competition on other social media platforms. Her videos on TikTok previously known as Musical.

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Danielle Cohn competed in a national modelling competition in California after winning Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen. The agency provided her with additional training and a contract. She has a self-titled YouTuber channel with over 1.

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She eventually took the music video down from YouTube after receiving a lot of backlash, but it was re-uploaded by others. Chad is her sibling.

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Her parents and brother were the ones who reared her.