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Dani’s wit and ambition quickly made her a fan favorite among viewers. Here’s everything we know about the Love on the Spectrum U.S. star. My surgery to remove the fibroids from my uterus is now just a few weeks away. I realize that, when Dani left my life, the magic I was coming to know went with her. Yet I still couldn’t leave my relationship. Her living room was full of plants and golden light that seeped in from the setting sun.

‘Love on the Spectrum US’: Dani Makes an Animation About Her Search for Love – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

‘Love on the Spectrum US’: Dani Makes an Animation About Her Search for Love.

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I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not. Just past noon, I headed out to lunch, locking my computer and opening my office door to leave. A few days before my last day at my job administering a college scholarship program, I’d received an email from someone named Dani.

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Love on the Spectrum US dropped on Netflix on May 18th and gives viewers an insight into what dating is like for people on the autism spectrum. Although the La Canada Flintridge, Calif.-based reality star is only 26 years old, Dani is clear on what she wants — both in her career and her love life. Danimation produces content for entertainment and industry, and teaches animation skills to youth on the autism spectrum.

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In addition, she acts as the founder and CEO of her company. For Dani, an ideal first date would be phone-free. “We would engage and talk about our interests and talk about how our businesses are going and what are our dreams and goals of going on a date,” she shares. Upon the series premiere of Love on the Spectrum U.S., viewers were smitten by Dani’s sharp tongue and eye for detail.