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Young women seek out advice from Dana Perino every day—at work, through friends, and on The story Dana Perino her own quarter-life crisis, And the Good News Is… Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side, brought countless readers to her inbox looking for guidance.

Everything Will Be Okay by Dana Perino | Twelve

Through her mentorship program, "Minute Mentoring," Dana quickly realized that quarter-life crises have begun following young women well into their thirties. Many of them are distressed but conceal it with a brave face. Unfortunately, too much of that can be—and is—exhausting. She makes it look easy, but we all know it is not and here she poignantly shares what pulled her through the tough moments. Dana curls up on the couch with a cup Dana Perino tea and a plan for us all, young, and ‘formerly young,’ consistently pulling us back around to focus on what really matters, on the way to achieving our dreams.

I know that if I was in my twenties, Dana Perino would be someone I would look up to for advice on navigating my way through society, my career, and adulthood. She is witty, engaging, sophisticated, graceful and generous. Through Dana Perino book, she will guide countless young women through right and wrong.

Maimie Mccoy

If you want the tools to succeed with the no nonsense advice you need to get there, buy this book. Every young woman who wants to chart their path and never look back should have this book. What might surprise you here, though, is the utter absence of spin. Dana Perino is full of relatable stories and authentic advice—reading this is the next best thing to being mentored by her. It Dana Perino the kind of practical and even ethical advice everyone starting out needs, but it’s also funny and full of great stories.

Dana is a true role model. A wonderful read. A book full of the love of life. Dana Perino full of gratitude. This book is blessedly free of cynicism, irony, posing.

Kaitlynn Carter

It’s Dana Perino. It’s good. And obviously a total reflection of its author. I hope everyone will go get it. And you are welcome to give it as a gift to your daughters and granddaughters and young women in your life, but you want to get a copy for yourself because it will make you better. You see, her last one, Dana Perino the Good News Is. A ton of common sense and wisdom: Dana delivers with guidance on topics as managing relationships colleagues, family, love.

That, by the way, that advice is worth the price of the book just that advice and you got it in the first paragraph. I read it.

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The lessons you give not only apply to young women, older women, senior women, mature women, but some of you men can take a lesson or two. A dad. Reading the book felt like listening to the wisdom of someone who genuinely cares about the future of young people.

Dana Dana Perino did young women everywhere a favor by penning a second book about what it takes to fulfill their career dreams.

And the Good Is…

I would argue the book is chock-full of Dana Perino that is good for either gender. These are great life lessons. I would encourage you to get copies for every young woman in your life. I will be giving this as graduation presents to everyone.

Cindy Morgan

Dana Perino reminds us that the twists and turns that feel unexpected are central to the journey to becoming who you are meant to be. It is just the clear-eyed read needed for all of Dana Perino as we begin to restart professional lives stalled for over a year.

Buy it for your daughters, granddaughters, any young women getting into the work force that you know. Dana is the perfect example of somebody who has both a private lesson for young ladies and a public life they can learn from and the combination is just amazing. I think Dana Perino she really exemplifies the potential you have if you believe in yourself and if you are willing to persevere and willing to learn and willing to recognize that sometimes you are going to fall down but you can get back up.

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Not for a minute. Dana Perino also recommend it for mothers of people in that position because it gives you a language to speak to your daughters. I highly recommend this wonderful read. Dana really does curl up with you like with a cup of tea and talk through your plan. Very reassuring at any age.

Ana Montana

I love the way she writes. I love that she has optimism and knowledge Dana Perino draws from her own experiences. She has a way of cutting through real problems and putting things succinctly and giving actual solutions.