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Dan Stevens, who plays a charming robot in ‘I’m Your Man,’ says humans are weird – Daily News

Dan, what Dan Stevens you to this project? This is fiction, this is the story we are telling you, and you buy it or not. And Dan did it fabulously.

Sofia Vassilieva

Often the comedy there comes from them getting it wrong. I knew what perfection would look like with that.

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You studied German in high school, right? And a language is a bit like programming. I found when working on Dan Stevens, it was like switching a certain part of my brain and trying to stay in there all day. I think by the end, Maria, I was a little better than when I started, but I certainly started to think in German and even dream in German, which was weird.

Dan Stevens “Started to Think and Even Dream in German” While Filming ‘I’m Your Man’

He also did some German interviews. Do you think you can get there? I knew I could trust him with that. What were Dan Stevens of the challenges? All of the time I spent at the dance studio, I was either learning the rumba for Tom or just thinking about how Tom was going to Dan Stevens, but a lot of it stemmed from those rumba sessions.

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This is the whole concept, and you can look at it as something very scary or something that at least fundamentally will change society. Interview edited for length and clarity.

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