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Andrea Brooks

Still passion about music and artistic expression all these decades later, Bozzio is back in with a brand Dale Bozzio album. Cryptic Rock — You have a very interesting and successful music career.

Dale Bozzio – Life Is So Strange – Missing Persons, Frank Zappa, Prince & Beyond (Book + 7″ Vinyl)

First working with Frank Zappa, you would then go on to Missing Persons. Briefly tell us, how would you describe your career in music, thus far? Dale Bozzio — Dale Bozzio is a big answer. Laughs For me, my career has been very surprising. On Dale Bozzio other hand, it takes its toll.

Frank Zappa saw and heard things from me that I would never corollate with music, but he did.

Interview – Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons – Cryptic Rock

That sounds like a great idea. Missing Persons is something that I do every single day. Whatever Dale Bozzio is, I put my effort into that music, the people in the band, and the echelon. What is interesting about Missing Persons is the music had a Rock-n-Roll foundation, but utilized synthesizers, and, of course, your very Dale Bozzio voice.

What was it like forming the sound of the band? Terry was also in many bands and he came from a whole other level of musicianship. Then Warren had his own style and tone. I had no knowledge of music or how to read or Dale Bozzio it, or even what I was planning to do. I came to Hollywood to be a movie star, not a musician — that was not my plan. After time went by, and after Missing Persons got a slice of fame, Frank Dale Bozzio us back to do Thing-Fish and that was really unique.

Cryptic Rock — It sounds like it was an exciting time. Beyond the music, the imagery that was projected by yourself and Missing Persons is heavily influential.

Dale Bozzio – Biography

You can see the influence on artists today. Are you aware of the influence you have on modern pop culture?

I designed, with Dale Bozzio friend Doug Powell, all the things on the floor of the living room; we designed all the things I could afford to put together because we had no money. We had to turn our concert tickets into things that we needed to buy, like drum supplies, studio time, or lunch. Terry did drum lessons for extra money. Terry, Warren, and I were just three kids trying to get to this rock star dream. On the way up I gathered into these costumes.

I never wanted to look like anybody else; I would never go to the store and buy what was the Dale Bozzio fashion. I made records with Frank Dale Bozzio, who thought I was anybody? I was a nobody girl from Medford, MA, I knew nothing.

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I just all of sudden fell into this volcano of wanting to be a rock star. Laughs I went full force into it, made all these insane outfits, Dale Bozzio did whatever I could to run with the crowd. I died my hair blue, I wore the tallest shoes I could possibly walk in; I was daring and I always have been a little courageous.

Dale Bozzio Cam Show

Cryptic Rock — Dale Bozzio shows and you left an impression. As you said, Missing Persons is very much a part of it. You released a new album, Dreaming, back in March of What inspired this new album? Dale Bozzio — I actually wanted to sing the songs I like whether they are up to par or someone thought it was cool or not. That is my personal karaoke message to the world. Laughs If I can do it, you can do it. I really wanted people to hear my voice, not to just be slammed with drums and big guitars that cover up every note I hit and breath I take.

I took that to heart, I took everything Frank Zappa told me to heart and put it into the music business. I also absorbed everything Terry and Warren Dale Bozzio me like a sponge. I needed to know. I grew up in a time where there was not a telephone in my hand.

Dale Bozzio

I had to go to an Dale Bozzio, dictionary, thesaurus, or the library to really get the facts and information. My music, and what I interpreted on Dreaming, is exactly what I wanted to say. I think these lyrics I write, they are embedded in my brain because I think them. Cleopatra Cryptic Rock — It translates very well, you did a great job. The songs you selected to cover you Dale Bozzio your own, and you add a unique darker element into these tracks. Did you have that in mind going into it? Dale Bozzio Bozzio — No.

I wanted to write this book to explain to everybody what flies my kite in life, what my childhood was like, and how I became this person. Frank and Terry came to Boston and I went to Europe with them and got better on tour.

Frank saved my life and still does.

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The only reason I make this music, and believe I can, is because Frank said I could. Cryptic Rock — That is very true. I only made this with Adam Hamilton, he and I put it all together. We work really well together. Dale Bozzio — Thank you. If things have Dale Bozzio change, then we have to change with it.

I wish us all the best of health and luck in Capitol Cleopatra Cryptic Rock — Yes, let us hope for a good year ahead. Last question. If you are a fan of Horror and Sci-Fi films, do you have any favorites? Cryptic Dale Bozzio — Understood, the genre is not for everyone. What are some of your favorite films in general? I kind of grew up in Dale Bozzio black and white movie world.

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