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Fargo Photographer Lynn Fundingsland Travels The World For picture A Day Opportunities

Fundingsland’s love of the local area comes through strongly in his images, like his hauntingly dreamlike photographs of the Red River. However, his love for travel has definitely defined his picture-taking. Although Governor Frazier was defeated in the 1921 recall, his political life did not end in 1921. One year later he was elected to the United States Senate, where served as an influential spokesman for agricultural interests until 1941.

Influenced by his association with the progressive NPL, Governor Frazier implemented sweeping reforms during his three terms in office. He approved bills that reorganized and expanded state services such as education and health care. He signed into existence state-owned organizations, such as the Bank of North Dakota, and the State Mill and Elevator.

Dakota Lynn Although Governor Frazier was

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At the turn of the nineteenth century there arose a new movement in North Dakota. Its main concern was the growing influence of out-of-state corporations in the economy and state government of North Dakota. As a result, a number of different organizations appeared that sought to return control of public institutions to North Dakotans. In one year the group came to dominate the North Dakotan Republican party, and by 1916 elected its first governor to office, Lynn Frazier. After I graduated, I did some commercial photography before going back to school to get my master’s degree in city planning. I took pictures of weddings, football teams and local bands, and worked for a couple of newspapers.

Dakota Lynn served as an influential

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Dakota Lynn services such as education

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