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Andrea Riseborough

I was completely obsessed with that book when I was little. Film-wise, Oklahoma! My parents, when I was about six or seven, were doing Hamlet, and I went to rehearsals. I spent my Dafne Keen childhood in rehearsal rooms, because my parents are actors, but when I was six or seven, I started actually paying attention to what was happening, and I loved it.

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So, the experience of being there every day for a few months, just watching them rehearse, was amazing for me. I actually watched the play like nine times. What has this experience been like? One of my aunties is a poet.

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They sculpted; they drew. One of my aunts sews really, really well. I just had a different brain. Has there often been talk of politics in your home? KEEN: Yeah. My parents are very, very political. KEEN: It was horrible.

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I went in there, and had to do this audition with this boy who was supposed to be my brother, and he was so arrogant. It was actually horrible, but I learned from it. KEEN: Dafne Keen was pretty crazy. Then, I went on set, and it was amazing because James Mangold is one of the greatest directors ever. James really made me feel like, even if I was 11, I was an actor, and I had a say in my character.

I had to move to New Orleans for two months, and then I had another few months, going around The States and staying in hotels. So, I was quite nervous about that, and they Dafne Keen made me feel really at home. What inspired that? For example, during quarantine, I saw everyone complaining about having to work out at home: I cannot go a day without moving.

I go for jogs; this is my 10th year in aerial silks. So, I got good quite quickly. Has it evolved in recent years? I really admire method actors, but I do have little things in mind, just to keep the Dafne Keen of the character. Do you have any particularly fond memories from the Season 1 shoot? We go mad, both of us. We have an amazing time doing it.

I guess scenes with Ruth are always quite challenging, because Ruth is quite unpredictable as Mrs. And I have so many memories with Lin. So, we had a great time. Just the people from the crew have taught me so much. I love going up to different departments on set.

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Why are you doing that? I write in my free time quite a lot. I also want to study photography and be a DoP at some point. I just want to do as many different things as possible.

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I love Anita; Maria is quite fun. But I would love to do actually just any character in West Side Story. Must Read Stories.

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