Cynthia Watros Escort France

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Erin Daniels

She shares exclusive insights about what will happen with her character in the future. Plus, Tyler Christopher teases a Cynthia Watros return to daytime television. Will he be returning to the soap that first made him famous?

Pamela Reif

And why did he leave in the first place? She is a human being with faults. As Cynthia, I can relate to that.

Jennifer Lyons

He, after all, was the one that originated the role of Nikolas on the show. When he vacated the role, Marcus Coloma took over.

Cynthia Watros Cam Show

Christopher — who also originated the role of Stefan on Days of Our Lives — has documented his addiction issues, and how living out in Los Angeles triggered them. Alexis gives Nikolas a chilly reception.