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She was then discovered by a prominent choreographer, who had already recruited Gene Kelly, and she quickly progressed to MGM’s principal ballet dancer.

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Fred Astaire had a tremendous amount of respect for his co-star, and heralded her as one of the greatest dancers of her day. The End of an Era As the popularity of the Hollywood musical tanked in the s, Charisse quit dancing, but worked Cyd Charisse as an actress. She even appeared in a Janet Jackson video Cyd Charisse the s, showing her continued spunk and ability to evolve as an in-demand entertainer.

She also produced an exercise video, called "Easy Energy Shape Up" aimed at senior citizens looking for a fun and easy workout.

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Charisse continued to celebrate the golden age of Cyd Charisse career by appearing in various documentaries about MGM’s heyday. Lastly, she performed as an aging ballerina on Broadway indancing in the musical version of "Grand Hotel. Humbleness in Hollywood Charisse was known as not only being a great talent, but also being above the whole Hollywood scene.

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She never thought of herself as a great star, and actually considered herself to be an introvert. She has been quoted on her official website as saying, "Perhaps that’s because I am basically an introvert.

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I knew that I loved working, performing. What the public made of it was Cyd Charisse business. I hoped that they liked me and admired my work, of course, but that pedestal they stuck me up on was Cyd Charisse in my view. Today, Cyd Charisse is continuously cherished as one of America’s greats during the musical era of Hollywood, and young performers often emulate themselves after her grace and ability to steal a scene with the simplest of steps.

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