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When your waist is defined in the clothing you wear, especially a dress, it draws the eye to your natural waistline which gives this really subtle slimming and elongating Curvy Women to the body. This includes high rise jeans, high rise pants, and high rise skirts.

What to Wear if You are Short and Curvy

There are two reasons high rise is so flattering for someone who is curvy and short. First, since the waistline extends well above your natural waist, it can create the illusion of longer legs, thus making you appear taller. Besides, high rise pants or jeans Curvy Women hold it all in at your tummy i. Use color blocking If you are petite and curvy, then one of the smartest ways for you to look taller and leaner is to wear color blocking outfits.

This could be separates, or even one piece like dresses or jumpsuits. When you Curvy Women separates, i.

Since bright color draws attention to your face and upper body, that will emphasize your assets, the full chest, while the dark bottom will disguise your heavier bottom easily. The same applies to dresses and Curvy Women. Choose a color blocking design with a combination of two strongly contrasting colors, ideally with a black bottom and a light top.

That will serve the purpose of disguising anything you do not want the eye to focus on, while making you look longer and leaner. There is a common misconception about what is petite. It is a popular belief that petite refers to someone who is thin. That is why your first choices should always to look in the petite department. This is not to say you should stop wear regular size clothing- chances are you might be able to find certain styles Curvy Women suit you and that you happen to be able to fit ok.

However, when it comes to anything with a long inseam, such as denim or pants, petite sizes are going to fit you much better than the regular sizes without you having to worry about taking them to the tailor to hem. The same applies to anything with long sleeves, such as blazers, sweaters or long sleeve shirts.

Be Cautious with Cuffed Pants This applies to any sort of pants that are baggy, loose, etc. Add a Belt Belts, as well as wearing anything that highlights your waist, are one of the best styling tricks when dressing as a short, curvy woman.

Just like dresses that offer a defined waistline, belts can add beautiful waist definition to just about any look. A lot of times adding a simple belt can completely transform an outfit and add major figure flattery. Belts have a way of instantly elongating legs, which is a wonderful benefit as a short woman. One key factor to keep in mind when utilizing belts is choosing the belts themselves, with strategy. Essentially, avoid belts that are very wide as they Curvy Women have the opposite effect when you are petite.

The added volume, even to sleeves, add extra Curvy Women to the body and tend to cause you to lose sight of natural curves.

Focus instead on clothes that have sleeves that fit closer to your arm so your curves can be shown off. Give your petite frame some extra length with open necklines like off-the-shoulder styles. Anytime you can expose a bit of skin not that you have to show it all offit gives length to your body. This applies to tops as well. Wrap tops! The wrap silhouette is perfection for a few reasons. Second, Curvy Women wrap detailing brings some extra focus to the waistline that both slims and elongates a petite frame.

Tuck in Your Curvy Women s This may be obvious as some of the other tips have been about focusing on highlighting your waistline.

This is why doing something as simple as tucking in your shirt can make a major difference to your shape. Even a subtle a-line will give your body great emphasis around the waist and longer looking legs. Circling back around to sleeves, there is one little styling trick to use that can be really impactful to flattering Curvy Women body type.

12 Reasons Why Men Like Curvy Women

That is: to simply roll them! It may sound like a silly little detail but it has major benefits. As a petite woman, anytime you can visually create longer lines Curvy Women your body, even your arms, it gives your shape an overall longer look. Wearing heels is an instant game-changer to an outfit, especially when you are short and petite.

If you are able to comfortably, throw on a Curvy Women of high heels when you want to give your shape a little extra length. The only thing to really keep in mind with high heels is to avoid as much as possible heels with ankle straps. The issue with low rise is, well…the rise.

Because of the placement of low rise it brings the waist down, which often brings your body shape down with it and makes legs appear much shorter — while the torso looks even longer. Not really a fan of high rise? Mid-rise is just fine as well. Add Length with Asymmetric Silhouettes Believe it or not, wearing just about anything that offers an Curvy Women line to it is a great choice for Curvy Women petites. For starters, the asymmetric line gives this really gorgeous elongation to the body.

In addition, it helps to flatter and even naturally enhance curves. Double win!

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Try asymmetric dresses, skirts, even pieces like bodysuits that have asymmetric necklines. As mentioned above, wearing clothing that is shapeless adds too much bulk and weight to the body. Not to be confused with super tight fitting clothing!

Skip Bulky Necklaces Statement accessories, and accessories in general, are a fun way to add a little extra pop to an outfit. Have all the fun you want, but chose necklaces cautiously. Hello there! Petite Dressing is an online petite Curvy Women store and fashion blog for to help all Curvy Women to understand their body shape and dress accordingly to look confident and chic.

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