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Taylor White

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She has been getting it done on-screen and off-screen with her rapping career. Crystle can currently be seen on The CW show Trickster. I spoke to Crystle about her experience on Trickster. Working with Kalani Queypo and Joel Oulette.

What she likes about her character Maggie.

Crystle Lightning

What fans can expect Crystle Lightning the show. Also, she looks back on her experience working alongside Eugene Levy on American Pie. Plus, she goes in depth on how she became a rapper! She had such a great vibe about her and Crystle Lightning big personality. She was a joy to chat with. She plays a major character on the show. Kalani and Joel had so many great things to say about.

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No surprise she thought the world of them also. I genuinely believe this cast really cared about each other and had a great connection on and off-screen.

Stephen Amell

She played this fun gothic girl. She stood out in the movie. Crystle ended up sharing a fun story about Eugene and working scenes with him and how funny he actually is.

Trickster’s Crystle Lightning Talks Indigenous Stories in a Modern Era – The Mary Sue

I believe that. Fun stuff. What a story that was, ehh? I loved how she Crystle Lightning in-depth about how it all started for her and how she met her now husband RedCloud. Such an awesome story.

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