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Twitter A few weeks ago, I was invited to check out the very first Madman Anime festival. The highlight of the day was being able to sit down and simply talk to Cristina Vee about her life as a seasoned voice actress veteran for both many well known Anime dubs and video game Cristina Vee.

Introducing the Miraculous Cristina Vee! | DerpyCon

How have you been? So, this is the first Madman Anime festival, what encouraged you to come and visit? CV: Yeah!

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I love it, I love Australia. Oh yes, so, I ordered an ice coffee, which in the States is just coffee over ice —cold.

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I was shocked to get a coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. GS: Ah yes coffee.

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CV: It is! But the coffee Cristina Vee so good. You did many things for Lab Zero aside from lend your voice to the team, can you tell me about that? Because I got that job right after college, I had no idea what I was doing at first. It was a fun experience though. CV: Oh yeah! Those were great fun. I have no clue. Pray for me. GS: I sure hope nothing happens!

Walk Cristina Vee into the convention hall and you can see kids and adults from all ages are around to celebrate and enjoy the Anime culture. GS: Definitely. GS: Speaking of, that leads to my next question, how did you get into being a voice actress? It just — Cristina Vee wish I could say I did this, this and this. I was approached to do a fun fan dub in front of people and they were impressed and asked if I wanted to try it out.

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CV: So a typical day for me, I usually wake up about 5. Then I usually have two sessions a day. Sometimes 2 hours, sometimes 4 hours.

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Then usually Sometimes I have to drive really far, maybe an hour or a half away. GS: Understandable. A couple of questions to wrap this up.


Do you feel like there is a difference between working with a Cristina Vee company versus Cristina Vee indie studio? CV: Hmm. No, it feels the same. It feels like, whether the people in the room are indie or triple A, they want to be in the room, and it shows. GS: Well, that seems to wrap up what time we have, thank you so much for your time, it was an absolute blissful experience talking to you about voice acting.

CV: No, thank you! I had a wonderful time.

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The interview was edited for length.