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It makes us want to get to know her.

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She was born on January 6, We share the same birth year, and I can say Cristina Rosato authority that growing up in that era was probably the best. It was close to the last group of kids who got to experience a real childhood without social media and cell phones and all the things that take away so much of the pleasure and enjoyment of life through sheer distraction.

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She Studied Acting She grew up in Canada, but she studied acting in the states. When she made the decision to focus her passion on acting, she decided to learn as much as she could.

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She took off for Los Angeles, and she never looked back. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and we think it was a good option for her.

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She Takes Care of Herself Cristina Rosato any woman in her 30s will tell you, taking care of your body is a must. She loves to care for herself by practicing yoga, running, and even practicing ballet.

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All are so good for the body. She loves pasta.

She loves anything about pasta. He taught her everything she knows about things like soccer and Cristina Rosato — though probably not until she was a little bit older on the latter — and that she must always treat everyone with respect. We think that her dad sounds like a pretty amazing dad.

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Family is every single thing, and this is one woman who knows her family is everything to her.